Zodiac Signs: What You Are Known for vs What You Really Are

Engy Elghannam
2/26/23, 11:30 AM

It can be hard to figure out someone's personality when you first get to know them, however, zodiac signs provide insights into a person's personality; from the personality, they show, to the personality they hold closest to their heart. So, looking at astrology can make it easier to understand people from the inside. So, take a look below.You can even get to know yourself better..

Aries on the outside 

Aries people may choose to be plain rather than waving their words, and this would make some people feel that Aries doesn't care about their feelings. 

Aries on the inside

However, they have a lot of feelings, but instead of letting that make them emotional; they translate this into becoming huge supporters by choosing to speak frankly with the people they love. Their aim is to show you how much they care. Aries is one of the signs that you can count on to defend you, encourage, and empower you. 

Taurus on the outside

Taurus is usually seen as someone who likes to stick to their opinions, and is not social enough to make new friendships.

Taurus on the inside

Nevertheless, Taurus people are very sensitive and have a good taste in everything, and they are actually friends to wish for as they are very caring and trustworthy. They just need time to get to know each other and feel secure. When you are loved by a Taurus, you'll be strongly provided with love and comfort.

Gemini on the outside

 Gemini people are described as being very moody and known to have two personalities. which makes people around them misunderstand them because of their constant change.

Gemini on the inside

People from this sign are easy-going and highly skilled at communicating with different people; they are very sociable. They also cheer up the people they love, and they are so loving and fun. They might only be different depending on everyone they meet, and that is something we all do on some level. Maybe Gemini has this duality a little harder than anyone else, and it can be seen as terrifying, but more often than not, it’s a beautiful strength, and it’s what differentiates this sign from any other sign.

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Cancer on the inside 

Cancer people have a hard exterior, and this can often make people feel like they are hiding their inner feelings. This may give the impression that Cancer is tough at first. 

Cancer on the outside

Actually, this only happens because they need to feel safe before diving into new territory. However, beyond this shell, Cancers are incredibly intuitive and sensitive; they care so much for their family and closest friends as they make them loved and appreciated. Once cancer loves you; she'll fight for you forever.

Leo on the outside

On the outside, Leos could be seen as people who like to have control over things, and this often makes people around them think that they do not care much about them. 

Leo on the inside

However, on the inside, Leo is a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold. Leo wraps his feelings up in a bubble until he can totally trust you; he has a little bit of insurance if you hurt them. When Leo cares for you, you'll never see this side of him anyway.

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Virgo from the outside

People who are dealing with Virgos may be less comfortable because they think that they would be judged, as Virgos prefer everything to be perfect. 

Virgo from the inside

However, Virgos are one of the most kind-hearted signs of the zodiac; they are very giving, loyal, trusting, and also very patient. If they seem like perfectionists, it’s only because they want to help people, they love to become better people. So, forgive this sign for their outward perfectionism; they're trying their best, and they actually have hearts of gold.

Libra on the outside

 Libra people like to have time to make a decision, which makes other people feel that they are hesitant.

Libra on the inside

This is because they have logical minds, and are so fair and moved by justice. Their primal need for balance pushes them to be hesitant. However, from the inside, they are so diplomatic, and they prefer compromising. They always try to keep everyone around them happy and care about the needs of their family and friends. 

Scorpio on the outside

Scorpios may be seen as tough when they are mad, and they don't easily forgive. In fact, that's a misunderstanding of what’s going on with this sign underneath.

Scorpio on the inside

Scorpios set boundaries with others, which may be seen as tough. While this may be true, you will never meet a sign more sensitive and loyal than Scorpio. They will stand by their loved ones through thick and thin, helping them grow and implement change. It’s a sign of true sensitivity, so don't fall for the act they might put up..

Sagittarius on the outside

Sagittarius might seem a little hard and careless at times, but actually, this happens when she finds people around her have a hard exterior, and just don’t care that much.

Sagittarius on the outside

However, Sagittarius from the inside is definitely one of the most carefree signs of the zodiac. People of this sign are actually some of the best friends and family members you'll have. If you're close to them, you'll realize that they are also dedicated to the people they love, and they are always honest about how they are feeling.

Capricorn on the inside

Capricorns are known to be a little harsh in conversation and intolerant. They are also known to control everything and everyone.

Capricorn on the outside

However, they are actually one of the most sensitive sun signs, being part water and part earth. Capricorns have the ability to use their watchful eyes to help others who are in need. So don't confuse their emotional strength for armor, they're really full of love and devotion for the people around them.

Aquarius on the outside

Aquarius people may be seen as being emotionally detached, and people dealing with them may feel that they are ignored by them.

Aquarius on the outside

However, people from this sign are known to be like this because they just need to have time for themselves. But actually, they are so humanistic and care for everybody because they have huge hearts.  

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Pisces on the outside

Pisces people are often misunderstood by others; they are seen as unrealistic and have an escapist tendency since they have an active imagination.

Pisces on the inside

In fact, anyone who knows Pisces very well; knows that she has many feelings and emotions deep inside her, and she is selfless and very loving. Pisces people have unique and different perceptions of the world, and their vivid imagination makes them creative with fresh ideas. 

Your personal astrological sign has its own strengths, weaknesses, desires, and different way of viewing the world, and that makes us unique and different. 




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