The fashion industry in Egypt has been booming; many Egyptian fashion designers have taken the risk to successfully launch their labels in the middle of instability and the existence of an economic crisis. These Egyptian designers have a message they want to send, they want to tell you why it’s actually cool to wear fashion that’s been made in Egypt. From creating work opportunities to representing the Egyptian fashion industry abroad, find out the reasons why you should be proud of wearing an Egyptian fashion label.

1. Amina Khalil of Amina K.

The fashion industry in Egypt is growing and needs support from the local market. By buying Egyptian made products you help these brands grow and find stability in such a difficult phase in Egypt. These products are made in Egypt by Egyptians who need the security of a stable income. The more these companies grow the more employees and workers they hire. Creating jobs is essential to ensure economical growth and stability. So the next time you shop from an international brand consider going for a local brand and supporting the growth of our local businesses. 

2. Ahmed Azzam of Zaam

I believe it’s our time to push especially with the economic state our beloved country is going through, however this is not the only reason. At  ZAAM we work side by side every day to combine global innovation. We oversee every stage of production meticulously. All our items are produced in limited quantities only and controlled in-house, to ensure premium quality and authenticity in design and delivery. Through our production lines (ZAAM Woman/Man, ZAAM Basic and ZAAM Accessories) we try to deliver and introduce unique and new shapes and ideas, each with a totally different theme that sets them apart from all the bags in the market, whilst putting practicality in mind. At the end our hope is that everyone who purchases from ZAAM, appreciates the skill, determination, respect and love that goes into making each individual bag. We appreciate quality and take pride in creating our own individual style.

3. Amira Motawea of Elia

Egyptians are masters behind this craft. My main aim is to support our leather workers and local resources, helping Egyptian brands make it to the international markets by meeting global standards and setting Egypt in the forefront of leading brands. And that is, in my opinion, how Egyptians will be encouraged to unleash their creative capabilities and complete among world-class designers.

4. Alia Khafaga

Why you should buy fashion made in Egypt? Because they are trendy and unique at the same time. Most of the fashion made in Egypt is of very good quality, even better than many imported products. Egyptian designers' work varies from the oriental, very Egyptian inspired pieces to the modern trendy designs and therefore cater to all styles. On a wider scale, supporting local designers helps nourish the industry.

5. Dina Shaker

There are plenty of reasons why it's cool to wear fashion that is made in Egypt, and here are a few:
- All your spending will boost the local economy. Every pound you spend will directly translate in the local economy, while buying from international brands will transfer outside.
- When you buy an Egyptian creation you are buying a unique, one of a kind design! When you buy from an international brand, there's always the chance of turning up to your office, a meeting, or a party wearing the same as someone else.
- You will be supporting the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs that will fuel the future of Egypt’s economic innovation and prosperity.
- The designers behind the lines you are wearing are working with local factories or employing people in their own workshops which have a very positive impact on their everyday income.
- Local independent designers refuse to use cheap materials or low quality trims they always go for a higher quality standard, that fast fashion can't provide.
- When you wear clothes from local Egyptian designers make sure they are dedicated to making lovely designs that come from your same cultural background and that they understand exactly what your needs are.
- Supporting local creativity will open horizons for international recognition and allow these designers to compete and expand on a global level.

6. Farah El Ashiry of Fufa

Personally, I believe that local artisans and handmade products are so preciously unique. Everywhere I travel, whether abroad or within Egypt, I try to find these small hidden boutiques and admire the craft and originality of their talent. You can actually see and feel that each piece has its very own story. This is exactly how I feel about my garments; given that I proudly still make (cut & sew) all my pieces, I know every step of every piece I make, the ones where the thread runs out when you’re just about to finish it, the one where you decide to turn the straight sleeve into a bell sleeve…etc! 

Honestly, it is so challenging and at the same time entertaining working with your hands and producing something you later on see people wearing. That said, I really do believe people should acknowledge fashion labels produced here in Egypt rather than just focusing on all the big westernized brands. Not only have they become extremely mainstream, but when you own a locally made product you know that it's special, you know that there’s more creativity drawn into it, and besides you’ll be aiding the ‘Made in Egypt’ signage and helping it grow. I studied at the Italian Fashion Academy, and while I was there I met so many talented designers-to-be, and the best thing about it was how diverse we were in our designs and styles! I’ve seen a lot of fashion labels evolve, which is very impressive and it needs more recognition and support. Only a few know the fact that Egypt was once the hub of fashion, and with the talent I’ve seen so far, I know we can reach that point again. 

7. Farida Temraz of Temraza

Fashion made in Egypt defines for me the perfect blend of finest quality, detailed work, and authentic designs dating back to the history of fashion in Egypt; and who wouldn’t want that to stand out? Hence Temraza’s latest NYFW collection ‘Rise of the Pharaohs’, which empowers this very message.

Egyptians tend to have this stereotype idea about Egyptian made products, they prefer anything that have been made in a foreign country. When considering their next purchase, they’d contemplate brands from abroad without real thoughts behind where it is made as long as they are buying it from abroad. Ironically, foreigners have a completely different reaction to a 'Made in Egypt' piece, as it symbolizes authenticity of the unique pieces produced.

Personally, I believe that 'Made in Egypt' gives TEMRAZA an edge in the international fashion arena. All our work is handmade with fine fabrics and extreme attention to detail insuring premium quality designs, showcased throughout our fashion weeks’ appearances in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York. My clients are proud of having a dress made by a fashion designer based in Egypt.

8. Jude Benhalim

There is such rich content in Egyptian art and culture that is naturally represented in Egypt's fashion labels. So much culture and heritage take part in the creation of each Egyptian made fashion product - whether it be the artistic inspiration or the craftsmanship - Egyptian fashion labels never lose sight of their roots, and that deserves to be globally seen and appreciated. We have something very unique to share with the world and it makes me proud to see that there are great efforts to bring Egyptian designers to the global fashion platform. It is very rewarding to see Egyptian art and craftsmanship succeed in meeting international fashion standards.

9.  Norine Farah of Norine Farah Couture

I personally believe that the way to grow is to support each other. Every international brand had to start somewhere as a small business and by time managed to grow. That's not the only reason though. I strongly believe that Egyptians have a lot of talent that has only started to appear within the last few years due to the changed mindset towards artists and creative minds. It was not very accepted to just become a designer, fashion photographer or even makeup artist. 

Not because a garment or accessory is imported means it's better in quality or taste. We need to believe in each other and support one another to prove to the world that we as Egyptians are talented and not any less.

10. Nada Akram

People should support Egyptian brands because we do have in Egypt the best quality of fabrics that all the world is fighting to have! What people don't know is that a lot of international brands produce their products in factories based in Egypt. Adding to this, no one can deny our rich culture which can aid in producing pure artistic pieces.

11. Sara Elemary

Nowadays Egypt carries so many designers targeting different segments, not only financially but also different styles. Yes it's very cool to wear fashion that's made in Egypt!

Personally I can tell based on my travels that wearing Egyptian fashion is totally a big hit compared to wearing other known brands, and that's because you are wearing something with a totally different taste, which has a unique spirit and is admired in other countries.

I hear a lot of compliments on pieces I'm wearing, and the second they know it's made in Egypt, they start mentioning positive things about the Egyptian cotton, and how our history has an impact on our fashion. I think it's time to support local designers and wear pieces with a story to them.

12. Shahira Fahmy of Mix and Match

It's time that Egyptians pay attention to reviving their own heritage and in doing so, it generates work for the textile industry, garment factories and the work force. Egyptian talent should be recognized and encouraged by their own people since a nation's success is measured by how prolific its talents are.

13. Sami Amin

When you wear Egyptian products you connect more to the culture and the story behind the designs even if it's done unconsciously. It's an emotional bond that we have towards our rich heritage that we only feel upon wearing something Egyptian made.

14.  Yasmine Yeya of Maison Yeya

I don't think it's applicable to fashion, it's not like buying sugar. In fashion you buy what you like and promote it. You don't just buy stuff because they are made in Egypt. Of course I support good taste and good quality fashion in Egypt. I like to create designs people will not only buy because it's made in Egypt, but also because it competes with international brands, quality and taste wise.