Dima Rashid, Palestinian jewelry designer, who's based in Cairo, Egypt, has always had a profound relationship with rich gold and precious gemstones. Ever since she started in 2004, Dima Rashid has mastered fusing the ancient and modern worlds through her jewelry designs. When you observe Dima Rashid's exquisite jewelry pieces, you could inevitably notice the effortless way she blends the ancient symbols, with the finest gemstones, in such a fashion-forward manner. Loved by celebrities and fashionsitas alike, Dima Rashid's jewelry caters to free-spirited women, who love signature hand-crafted designs. We got up close and personal with jewelry designer, Dima Rashid, and she told us all about her label, the art of accessorizing and what's next for her...

Tell us about your first jewelry design.
I started around the age of 15, as I used to go to my mum's jeweler and design my own charm bracelets and necklaces with his help.

The Dima Jewellery woman is...
She is a woman who loves being unique and different, someone who is confident and truly believes in the beauty and power of stones. My jewelry is ethnic, bohemian and sometimes even arabesque; somehow the Dima Jewellery woman should be the same.

What inspires you?
Everything around me inspires me, even the ladies whom I always observe their personalities and the way they react after seeing my jewelry. Yet nature is absolutely my biggest source of inspiration. The sea, stars and of course flowers are always present in my designs.

Three essentials in your design studio...
Shisha, my favorite comfy chair, and my stones stock that I have collected from everywhere in the world.

What's the most precious piece of jewelry you own?

A vintage Victorian pendent that I bought from New York.

Give us some tips to stack jewelry like a pro...
I always start with wearing everything I feel like going out with, which usually includes the pieces I just did last night! (laughs) Then, just like Coco Chanel said, I remove the piece that fits the least.

What's your favorite way to accessorize a little black dress?
Jewelry fiesta! Statement earrings with a delicate necklace, stacked bangles to balance the look and maybe one or two show-stopping rings.

A major jewelry faux pas...
Wearing too much.

They say rules are made to be broken, do you think this applies to accessorizing?
Always! My designs always break the rules with asymmetric charms, unusual carvings or irregular number of stones. I truly believe this is my biggest secret.

Describe your personal fashion style.
I guess I am just a laid-back person with a deep love for comfort. I might add bling from time to other, but I am usually a jeans and plain top woman.

Pick one:
Statement jewelry or dainty jewelry? Statement jewelry.
Over-sized bags or clutches? Over-sized bags.
Boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans? Boyfriend jeans.
Girl's night out or girl's night in? Girls' night in.
Instagram or Facebook? Instagram.
Coffee or tea? Tea.

You're celebrating Dima Jewellery's 10th year anniversary, can you share with us your biggest accomplishments so far?
It is always that moment someone looks at my jewelry and tells me that it is the best thing they have seen in such a long time. There is nothing as great as the love someone could show. I never count the number of celebrities photographed with my pieces, I count the number of people (celebrities or not) who love them and wear them during their daily lives.

What's next for Dima Jewellery?
Lots of stuff actually; we are moving to a new showroom in Giza Residence pretty soon, also we are working on a digital kind of collaboration that I personally cannot wait to share with everyone. As for our anniversary we are preparing for something glamorous and exclusive!