Noaf Hussein is a young talented Khaleeji woman, who plans Kuwait's prettiest events known as Pretty Little Things, and she does it all from A to Z. Read our interview with her and get inspired by her thoughts.

Introduce yourself.

Noaf Hussein of Pretty Little Things. Pretty Little Things is my personal attempt to transport people to a place more whimsical through a refreshing series of events of both a large and small scale. Who doesn't want to be where the pretty things are?

What inspired you to be the person you are today?

The desire to quietly create a new world in which I wanted to live, filled with whimsy and sparkling lights. When I was a child I immersed myself in books that could transport me to fantastical far-off lands, and I wanted to mimic the feeling in my adult life. If I could transport people, if only for a few hours, my job was done. I learned all my work ethics from the magnificent example that is my mother. Education and career were highly valued in the way I was raised. I call my mother the gentle warrior.

Define success.

Success is to never rest on your laurels, but to constantly feel the need to evolve. Success is a journey, not a destination.

Share with us the best piece of advice ever given to you.

The best piece of advice I've ever received was to wait out a negative situation no matter how badly I want to react. Burning bridges should be the final resort, not a reaction.

What motivates you?

The desire to create things that bring people joy, because it is where I find mine.

Tell us a common misconception that people have about what you do.

The biggest misconception is that it's all fun and glamor. It's a lot of hard work, sacrificing fun/weekends/holidays, and lots of late and sleepless nights!

Mistakes are...

Mistakes are...things that can be avoided and something I still haven't gotten used to accepting. I have a very hard time with mistakes.

Three random things about yourself...

I'm a food tourist - travel to explore countries' cuisine. I love cats - will be crazy cat lady in the future. I come from a household of scientists.

You'll know you've made it when...

My mother's eyes sparkle the way they do when she speaks of me. That is as made as I need.

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