The only thing better than receiving a bouquet of flowers, is picking up a beautiful vase, rearranging the blooms, and choosing their place in your home. For a few days, they bring you joy every time you look at them. But after a while, they start looking sad with their heads down, wilting away and dying. 

"The Classy Blooms," a new Cairo-based luxury brand is changing that concept, as they use an innovative method which keeps flowers blooming for up to two years!

We talked to Zeina Shalash, the flower enthusiast and founder of the "The Classy Blooms," who told us how she followed her passion, while she's still an undergrad student, and opened her very own online flower shop.

What inspired you to launch “The Classy Blooms”?

For as long as I could remember, I’ve had a great passion for flowers, roses to be precise. The downside is the short life span of flowers. This is where the inspiration for "The Classy Blooms" came in.

The flowers you offer are very special, can you tell us more about them?

Our luxurious eternal roses are an investment in quality and beauty. Our online store is the first in Egypt, offering stylish bouquets of flower arrangements in elegant boxes. We specialize in providing the most unique, luxurious, real roses that last up to two years. We’re passionate about flowers, and combined with the love for fashion, every arrangement is created by our very own floral design specialist.


You have such a diverse range of roses; can you tell us how to choose the best colors to gift for every occasion? 

We offer a wide selection of rose colors in 3 main categories: The Classic, The Special and The Metallic. Here's a brief about what each color represents... 

  • White roses: Innocence, purity and new beginnings.
  • Orange roses: Energy, enthusiasm, desire and excitement.
  • Dusty pink roses: Gratitude and appreciation.
  • Hot pink roses: Admiration, gentleness, grace, joy and sweetness.
  • The iconic red roses: Traditional symbol for love and romance.
  • Deep or dark red roses: Unconscious beauty.
  • Blue roses: Rarity and uniqueness.
  • Black roses: New beginnings, changing and betterment.

You launched a week before Valentine’s Day, was that intentional?

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love and romance. Since roses are a great symbol of that, it seemed to be the optimum time to launch, offering customers an alternative to the traditional wilting roses. They could act as either a stand-alone gift or complementary alongside another gift, especially using our acrylic boxes, which include a drawer that could hold a gift within.

What do you think flowers and to the essence of a home?

Flowers in general add a sense of warmness and friendliness to a home. They immediately elevate one’s mood. Aside from that, they double as inspiring décor. Incorporating bright bouquets within your space can transform a dull room into an interesting one.