The alarm goes off in the morning, and you immediately enter the debate mode. Your lazy side begins to convince your conscience that a few more minutes of sleep won't hurt. You reach over to your alarm clock and snooze for just 10 more minutes. Only those few minutes feel like mere seconds and you decide to snooze a bit more. The cycle keeps repeating itself for around half an hour, and you end up scurrying in the morning; making it to work either fashionably late, which is a big no no, or in a messy form, also a big no no. 

Here are a few tips to end your relationship with your snooze button and wake up on your first alarm tone. 

1. Set your alarm clock away from your bedside table. This will force you to get up out of bed and go turn off your alarm. Don't look back at your oh-so-comfy bed, keep walking to the bathroom and immediately wash your face. 

2. Link your alarm to your music. Make a playlist of songs that you would like to listen to when you get up. A song of three minutes cannot be snoozed and is more likely to get your attention after a few verses.

3. The early bird gets the worm. This phrase means you get rewarded for waking up early. You get to go in early to work, finish early and leave early. That should be more tempting than a few extra minutes of sleep. 

4. Have an activity in the morning besides your normal routine. For example, head out for a morning run, or an early morning yoga class. The feeling after that early morning workout will get addictive and you'll hate the days you sleep in.

5. Use your logic. The snooze button doesn't really give you the chance to sleep more. You have already broken your deep sleep, so by the time you reach the point to go back to sleep and your second alarm goes off, you will have woken up even more tired. Point is you don't benefit from those few minutes, so just get up and seize the day.

6. Open your curtains before you sleep. Letting in the sunshine in the early morning will give you that needed push to get up.

7. Set your alarm an hour before you need to get up. If you simply love to snooze, then snooze in an hour before the time your supposed to get up. No harm, no fowl.

8. Keep up the routine. Once you stop the snoozing, you need to continue to wake up the same time everyday, even the weekends. That way you won't take any steps back in the relationship with your snooze button the next week. 

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