26 Signs You Are Addicted to Your Smartphone

Nada Allam
3/18/15, 12:00 AM

I won’t ask you if you are addicted to your smartphone, you will find out yourself from the list of signs below. It is a fact, in the time we are living in, we really can’t go anywhere without our phones. Our smartphones can do everything, from calling your loved ones, to reminding you of appointments, or even taking pictures. Yet the question is, are you addicted to your smartphone, or do you use it moderately? Let’s find out through these 26 signs you are a smartphone addict...

1. You charge your phone at least twice during the day, because you use it way too much. 

2. Low battery is a notification that can flip your mood from good to bad. 

3.You simply cannot function if you left your phone at home. 

4. You sleep with your phone under your pillow, clutching it in your hand, or it has a spot next to you on your pillow.

5. You cannot pass through an outing without reaching for your phone at least a few times. 

6. Even if your phone’s screen is cracked, you can totally use it and read off it. 

7. You won’t send in your phone to fix the screen, because that means you will be phone-less for a few days. 

8. You are on more than six group chats on WhatsApp.

9. From time to time, you will freak out that you can’t find your phone, only to realize it is in your back pocket. 

10. You are spotted in pictures always holding your phone. You know, that girl at the wedding all dressed up holding her phone and not a clutch?

11. You don’t like an Instagram post that was uploaded a few seconds ago, because you don't want to seem like you check it every minute.

12. You know all of the emojis and use them regularly while texting or commenting.

13. The only time you ever turn your phone off, is when you are forced to, for example, on the airplane. 

14. You have an App for everything.

15. You own quite a few cases/covers for your phone to suit your mood. 

16. You take your phone with you to the bathroom. 

17. You don’t need to look at your keyboard when typing up a message. 

18. You cannot carry out a full conversation without glimpsing at your phone to make sure you didn’t miss any notifications.

19. You walk around with a charger in your bag

20. You are always the person who sits next to the plug in restaurants, to charge your phone. 

21. You rejoice whenever you go somewhere with free WiFi.

22. The first thing you do in the morning is checking your phone, to see what notifications you have missed. 

23. You are too afraid to update your software, because you don’t want to risk losing all the pictures and screen shots you have.

24. You use your phone for everything, who needs a laptop nowadays?

25. You could easily be checking your phone even if you are in the movie theater. 

26. Your friends and family will get seriously worried if you don’t answer your phone in a timely fashion, because you are never spotted anywhere without your phone.


Nada Allam

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