Nowadays there is always a big chance that one of the people you are living with owns the same phone as yours. Chances are, you will have the problem of taking each other's chargers or misplacing chargers etc... I for one hate it when people take my stuff, I know where I put everything that belongs to me, so if something has been used or misplaced, you cannot hide it from me, I WILL FIND OUT! In an attempt to make it harder for people trying to hide the evidence, here is a simple but creative way to label your chargers:

What you will need:

1. Phone Charger

2. Glitter (preferably an embarrassing color)

3. Paint Brush

4. Liquid Glue

5. White sheet of paper

6. Transparent Nail Polish


1. Make sure you place some newspapers or plastic bags on the surface you will work on, because this will get messy!

2. Decide on the design you want to add to your charger.

3. If you are going for a straight forward color blocking, then using the paint brush, paint over each side you want glittered with the liquid glue. Be sure to paint one layer at a time so as to avoid any sticky mishaps.

4. This part is important, place the sheet of paper under the charger and start pouring the glitter, one layer at a time. The point of the paper is that any residual glitter can be saved and you can pour it back into the tube.

5. If you are going for a zig zag design, start by drawing the design with the paint brush and glue. Apply the glitter to the first few glued lines you just painted, wait a few minutes then fill in the remaining spaces with the rest of the liquid glue and finally apply the different color of glitter.

6. Once you have finished applying the glitter to all layers, dust it off by tapping the charger on a firm surface so the loose ones can fall off.

7. As you can see this is quite a messy (yet shimmery) procedure. Here comes the use of the transparent nail polish. Paint over the surfaces you just glittered up to seal your work. Don't be afraid to use a few layers to make sure it all stays in place!

There you have it, your embarrassing glittery phone charger that no one will use except you.

Tip: You can go even more creative by adding studs or using caviar nail polish instead, how awesome would that look?