Although we’re finding it difficult to keep up with all the series and the huge number of actors participating in them during this Ramadan season, some characters were able to draw our attention to their performance and amazing acting capabilities. We’re here today to talk about 5 Female Rising Stars with Notable Performances in Ramadan 2022, so keep reading to know who they are.

From comedy, to drama, to romance, this Ramadan season has something for everyone. Some female rising stars are surprising the world with their talents.

So, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

1. Jala Hisham

While this is not her first time acting - as she participated in three series last Ramadan - Jala Hisham, who plays Dalia in “Rag’een Ya Hawa,” is being noted this season due to her noticeable performance alongside the stars Khaled El-Nabawy and Wafaa Amer. Jala has always wanted to become an actress. She joined the Faculty of Mass Communications in the hopes of achieving her dreams and pursuing the acting career. Her diligence and patience brought her to important drama roles that proved her talent in a short time.

Jala is challenging herself for the second time this season as she appeared last year in a complex character in spite of her innocent features. This Ramadan season, it seems like she’s been fooling the audience with her kind character as it turns out that she’s not as kind as we think.

Female Rising Stars with Notable Performance in Ramadan 2022

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2. Amira Adeeb

Playing Salma in “Meen A’al,” Amira Adeeb is representing many relatable topics effortlessly through her role. Amira's progress has been remarkable and we are here for it. For the second time, Amira is speaking on behalf of her generation and the problems teenagers face, which is something that gives her an edge and makes her career flourish. Amira is a content creator/ influencer on social media and the daughter of Manal Salama and Adel Adeeb. She made her debut in “Welad Nas” in Ramadan 2021 and participated in “Nakl A’am” earlier this year. Her performance has been greatly appreciated and many stars predict a bright acting career for her.

Female Rising Stars with Notable Performance in Ramadan 2022

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3. Reham El-Shanawany

Fortunately, "Rag’een Ya Hawa" and "Dayman Amer" brought Reham El Shanawany to our home screens. Her kind-hearted character Azza Abo El-Hana in "Rag’een Ya Hawa" as a pure, people-pleasing sister, immediately caught our hearts and attention. Born in Alexandria, Reham started her career as an air hostess. She joined Mohamed Sobhi's acting workshop and participated in other works.

Female Rising Stars with Notable Performance in Ramadan 2022

4. Elham Safieeldin

“Meen A’al” introduces another amazing talent, Elham Safieeldin, who is playing Zeina. Elham is the niece of the superstar Elham Shahin. She first appeared on TV as a child in a single episode with her aunt Elham Shahin in 2010. She also participated in “Ascia”' with Mona Zaki and Hani Adel, where she played their daughter Dana in 2013. She took a long break before she starred in “Zay El Qamar” In 2021.

Female Rising Stars with Notable Performance in Ramadan 2022

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5. Rahma Ahmed

Rahma Ahmed, also known as Marbooha, from "El Kebir Awy 6" has become the trendiest topic on social media, especially after her hilarious dress-up show in the 5th episode. The lightbulbs/ tiger/ nurse costumes gave us all the giggles and became the highlight of social media for several days. After the announcement of releasing “El Kebir Awy 6,” everyone questioned how the producers were going to replace Hadeyya, played by Donia Samir Ghanem. However, Rahma came along and introduced the character Marbooha in the best way possible.

Donia Samir Ghanem is a brilliant actress who is known for her presence and cheerful personality. She has been cracking us up during the past five seasons of “El Kebir'' and we don’t intend to make comparisons here. Each actress has her own sense of humor and way of performing that makes us love them.

Rahma Ahmed started her acting career at the university theater and won the best actress award at Helwan University for the show “The End Is Near."

Female Rising Stars with Notable Performance in Ramadan 2022

Finally, we're very lucky and proud to have such amazing young, promising talents who one day may become superstars. These amazing female actresses were able to make us giggle, sympathize, dream, and cry with them. They were also able to show the world their capabilities and prove that they have such a promising future ahead.