So you decided to ditch those long lines, and the crowds shoving to host the New Year's celebrations in your house. Wise, but you better get to work, because there is a lot to do. 

1. Remove all furniture

You are going to need a lot of space, you know for all the lovers who will be getting their plus ones, the couples who decided to double, and even just the friend of the friend. Make room for a lot of the activities that are about to go down.

2. Plastic kitchenware

You don't want to spend hours washing the dishes after your guests leave. Or even risk a clumsy person breaking one of your plates. The safer and cleaner option is to opt for plastic cups, plates and utensils. You will clean up much faster too.

3. Divide up your place

Firstly the largest area of your house is for the dancing. Set up a killer sound system and play some dance music. 

4. The living room is for games

Set up Playstation, Wii or even a karaoke, and let the games begin. Some people are not into dancing, so a little friendly competition in the living room will keep the party going all night long. 

5. Finger foods

From mini burgers and hot dogs to mini cupcakes, this will make up your entire buffet. This is not a dinner party, people want to eat fast and enjoy themselves

6. The kitchen is the buffet

Whether or not you decide to cook, the food should remain in the kitchen. That way you can restrict a lot of the spills to one area. Allow the guests to make their way to the kitchen and prepare them a delicious plate.

7. Decorations

The awesome thing about a house party is that you can make a theme. Go for a glamorous red carpet theme, or even a masquerade. Load up on props and masks for the people to add onto their outfits. 

8. Clock

This is the most important item for your party. Project a stop-watch onto one of the walls so people can keep track of the time. Don't forget to do a massive countdown before the clock strikes 12.

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