This is not a personal experience, not even a story of a woman or two. This is a phase that every woman passes through. When you’re in your 20s, you’re full of dreams and hopes. You’re still naive, indecisive, and impatient. However, once you turn 30, things change. Not necessarily on your 30th birthday, but generally speaking, your third decade is the time you blossom and become the best version of yourself. That said, let’s get right into it and help you understand more about how your thoughts can change in your 30s, so keep reading.

First, let’s agree on something. Not every single woman has to go through these changes. However, most women have gone and are going through this phase, in which they become more mature, assertive, and resilient.

In your 30s you will realize that:

1. Money Doesn’t Equate Happiness

When you’re a college student, one of the main things you may think about is how to make a lot of money and become rich. You may even start working while studying to join the career world and gain experience and, of course, money. However, in your thirties, you want to build a career and become successful, even if you don’t make much money in the beginning. Happiness for you isn’t just mere money; it’s the successful career you’ve always wanted and the prestigious, independent woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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2. Love = Respect

Young girls tend to be so dreamy, pure, and innocent. All they want is a passionate lover who will love them no matter what. They’re probably in love with the concept and may not even know what true love is. As a grown woman, respect means so much more to you. You will not tolerate an abusive partner who yells at you or someone who doesn’t show you enough respect. If there isn’t mutual respect in your love relationship, you will not stay.

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3. The Value of Time

Procrastination is something that sticks with you for a long time, especially when you’re younger. Once you’re all grown and mature, you will realize the importance of time. You would want to make use of every single second to enjoy your life or make a difference. Of course, you may have some lazy couch-potato moments. However, you wouldn’t want to waste your time like you probably did in the past.


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4. You Don’t Need Toxicity in Your Life

Just like you won’t tolerate disrespect in your relationships, you won’t endure toxic people in your life anymore. You will want to make a space for those who really matter. Any toxic person who thinks too little of you, speaks behind your back, doesn’t show support when needed, complains all the time, or blames you for everything doesn’t and won’t stay in your life as soon as you’re in your thirties.

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5. You Need Your Old Friends Back

When you grow into this phase, in which you want stable, honest, and meaningful relationships, you would want to connect with your old friends. Life’s responsibilities may have taken you away from your true friends, so you will realize how important their presence is once you’re all mature and fully grown up.

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6. Family Is Everything

As we grow older, we will come to terms with the fact of the mortality of our parents. We would want to spend more time with them, take extra care of their health, and simply be there. Unfortunately, when we’re in our 20s, we’re mostly selfish and self-centered. So, once you’re in your 30s, family will take on a whole new meaning for you. You’ll probably fight less with your little siblings. Furthermore, you would want to create your own little family, where you feel safe and accomplished.

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7. Marriage Isn’t the Ultimate Goal

If you’re not married by the time you’re 30, marriage won’t even matter to you. While family will mean so much to you as you grow older, you will not stress about getting married as much as you do in your 20s. A grown, mature woman always wants to settle down with the person she loves, have babies, and love her small family. However, if she doesn’t find the right person, marriage will not be on her list. The concept is only there when she finds the right man who can make a good partner and a great father.


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It’s been said and confirmed that a woman’s 30s are the most evolved and fulfilling years in her life. However, we want you to know that no matter what your age is, you can still make a difference and achieve whatever you want. Whether you’re 21 or 56, as long as you’re breathing, you still have a chance to prove that you can.

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