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| by Diana Farid

It Is Not About You Any Longer

I know that what I am about to say sounds obvious, but clearly, it is not for all mothers. And I feel like sharing it because I heard this kind of conversation a lot lately, so I felt that I need to post something about it.

Being a mother is not just about having a new member at your house. It is way more than that; it is an amazing as well as a tough journey that you are about to live each day with your baby.

Having a baby is about learning that your life doesn't revolve around you anymore. You are not the center of attention now, but rather the baby is. You tweak your life the way that suits them, not the other way around. You accept that if you want to do something for yourself, you can do it around their schedule not yours.

However, by having a baby, you also discover for the first time that you can love someone more than you can love yourself. You feel you have a reason to survive and a continuous motivation to get you going through life's daily challenges.

Being a mother is an amazing gift from God that not everyone is blessed with. But with this blessing comes great responsibilities as well. You have to be up-to-it, in order to enjoy the motherhood journey. Never look at your kids as a burden, learn to enjoy them and appreciate having them.

I guess now you think I am trying to sound ideal, I am not. I am just trying to tell you what I learnt so far in my journey. A lot of times, I did feel my twins are a burden especially when I had to travel and stay abroad alone, because not having a single family member around to help me was way too difficult. But I survived it, because I tried as much as I can to enjoy the experience and make the best out of my situation.

I came to a realization that I have to adapt my life, my career, my lifestyle to suit their presence. Only then I started to make the best of it, I started my writing career and enjoyed my twins like never before.

It worked for me, so I hope it does with you.

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