All mothers out there, I'm giving you the top 10 beauty tips for busy mothers of the world! Just because a mother can often find little time on her hand, doesn't mean that she can't look gorgeous with very little effort. Whether you're a working woman, a stay at home mom or even if you work from home, you can still look at your best with these 10 beauty tips for busy mothers:

1. Hair rollers can be your key to gorgeous natural looking waves. If you're staying at home, doing the dishes or even washing some clothes, make sure to roll up your hair strands using hair rollers. It's a simple way to end up with pretty waves without going to the hair dresser.

2. Because we know you wash the dishes more often now, make sure never to skip applying Vaseline or hand lotion right before you head to bed and putting hand gloves on afterwards. This way, your hands will absorb the cream perfectly!

3. A great beauty tip for a busy mother, is to pick a shower gel than can work as a body scrub too! As you take your quick shower, make sure to scrub your body with this multitasking shower gel to exfoliate your skin and soften it at the same time.

4. Sometimes too many makeup products can distract you. Since I know you don't have the time to contour your face with makeup or play around a little bit, make sure to go for two-in-one beauty products, such as BB cream which can work as a good makeup base and will moisturize your skin too.

5. You might not know how powerful your kitchen is, until you know the amazing benefits of olive oil, almond oil, argan oil and even coconut oil. The natural oils you have in your kitchen can work as the perfect body moisturizer, while lemon, for example, can make your armpits and knees whiter. 

6. Did you know that you can make your own body scrub at home? Make your own coconut body scrub or sugar body scrub and store it in your bathroom to use it whenever you shower. Quite easy, isn't it?

7. Wondering how to keep your body moisturized for longer periods? One smart beauty tip for busy mothers is to apply lotion or baby oil right after you shower, because after the shower, your body is more prone to store oils and body lotions.

8. Switching your usual lipstick with a tinted lip balm can work as a great beauty tip for busy mother. It will moisturize your lips and still give them some color. Two birds, one stone.

9. Don't have the time to visit the salon to get a hair cut? There's a way you can do it yourself at home, here's how!

10. Because the waxing process could take up to 45 minutes, make sure to leave short periods between your waxing session and do it at home instead. This way, you will have little hairs to remove and will save time! You can purchase wax strips to help you wax even faster.