I can’t stand mediocrity. Grey was never my color. Half ways or innuendos (although I love the word) were never my trick.

OCD. Perfectionist. Sharp eye. No matter what words you use, mediocrity was never my motto.

Mediocrity or more explicitly in Arabic "#bassyahabla" makes me look around me lately and disregard:

- The macho guy who is clever-er! Escaping the traffic off the road, driving his motorbike on the sidewalk...

- The demotivated secretary, too busy to transfer a line or to help in chores that would both optimize her emotions and office productivity, continuing her conversation on WhatsApp or her hour breakfast with her peers...

- The Lebanese yuppies who have either succeeded with honors or just passed the test, but both received the same reward from Daddy, the same car, the same Chanel, the same nose or breast job, the same Elie Saab prom dress and same pack of bubble gum!

- The "3ayne", the "habibte", the "ma3lech", the "bassita", the "ma houwe ibno la….", the "chu fiya", the "ca va"...

- The people who say yes and never show up, the people who send you a WhatsApp to avoid seeing you, the acquaintance who posts every single detail from their trips or their beach outing...

- The people who steal quotes and news and articles to re-post, share and start "bil tenzir"...

- The mother who complains from the grades but thank God, her daughter is "smallah" a kick-ass in Candy Crush while her boy is "yo’borni" grounded in school on Saturday for couple of hours, because he has outsmarted his teacher...

- Reading all the comments of all the selfies on Instagram, thinking that wow, all the Lebanese girls are suddenly BFFs!!!

- Monitoring the social platforms Dubai-based, swallowing my anger reading how prosperous the creativity scene is, while all the names of the designers are Lebanese! Best being style in Dubai.

- The fashion bloggers, the bag designers, the necklaces creators, the tops' illustrators…what happens to one successful girl doesn’t necessarily translate into a mass national success, hello people!

We are used to settle for mediocrity.

We applause mistresses, we cheer the "wassta", we praise the infringements, we swallow frustrations, we hush hush mistakes for not to come across as being mean, unfair or harsh. Remember the famous #3ayb!

Enjoy this video which best illustrates part of the above, as posted by my dear friend and genius, Ralph Aoun from ComFu, and allow me to sign off with my favorite #bassyahabla, nothing but most appropriate here!

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