More Than 100 Things You Never Thanked Your Mother for

Author Zeina Tawfik
Time 3/19/15, 12:00 AM
More Than 100 Things You Never Thanked Your Mother for

Since Mother's Day is a chance to give back to the leading ladies in our lives, I came up with a list of more than 100 things we never thanked our mothers for. This is dedicated to the women who have given us so much; to our mothers. We love them, but sometimes we don't really show it enough. From holding us inside for nine months, to being there for us every step of the way, there are many things we never thank our mothers for.

This is a little reminder that it's never too late to show your mother you're grateful for her unconditional love and care. Here are more than 100 things you never thanked your mum for...

1. For being the loving mother she is.

2. For noticing your fake friends before you do.

3. For always telling you to take a jacket before you go out.

4. For buying you your favorite chocolate bars.

5. For waking up in the middle of the night to make sure you didn't throw off your blanket.

6. For letting you watch cartoons instead of her favorite series.

7. For putting you first since the day you were born.

8. For tolerating your temper tantrums as a kid.

9. For stroking your hair till you sleep.

10. For telling you that he's just not that into you.

11. For keeping up with your rebellious teenage years.

12. For going to see all your school plays.

13. For giving you endless tight hugs.

14. For staying up all night beside you when you're sick.

15. For being proud of every little accomplishment you make.

16. For giving you her food, although she was really craving it.

17. For making you a cup of hot chocolate every morning.

18. For telling you that you have too much makeup on.

19. For telling you to wear lipstick before you head out.

20. For taking you prom dress shopping.

21. For comforting you after a bad dream.

22. For giving you her favorite handbag for a night out.

23. For always being right.

24. For teaching you how to ride a bike.

25. For making you soup when you get sick.

26. For being there for you no matter what.

27. For calling you a hundred times when you don't pick up.

28. For telling you you're perfect just the way you are.

29. For having that talk before your first period.

30. For stopping you from going for that hair cut/color.

31. For brushing your hair every day when you were a young girl.

32. For making sure you get your homework done.

33. For making you costumes for your Halloween parties.

34. For driving you to school on the first day.

35. For giving you siblings.

36. For putting up with your PMS mood swings.

37. For telling you to act your age.

38. For always being patient.

39. For holding your hand when you cross the street.

40. For reading you bedtime stories.

41. For making you believe in the tooth fairy.

42. For managing to do all the housework while she's holding you.

43. For carrying you from the couch to your bed after you fall asleep watching TV.

44. For staying up late until you get home back safe.

45. For making you breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between.

46. For doing your laundry.

47. For being a part of your tea parties along with your dolls.

48. For showering you with kisses.

49. For being your very own cheerleader.

50. For teaching you to be courageous.

51. For filling up the cookie jar.

52. For supporting your passions and hobbies.

53. For always finding that 'thing' you lost.

54. For keeping all the cards you made her as a kid.

55. For giving up her career for you.

56. For accepting your apology after you drew on the walls of the house.

57. For acting as a nurse/doctor.

58. For teaching you table manners.

59. For forcing you to eat your vegetables as a kid.

60. For making her trade long hot baths for quick showers.

61. For getting you the toy you wanted so bad rather than the shoes she wanted.

62. For giving up her 'me time.'

63. For being your very first best friend.

64. For teaching you the meaning of responsibility.

65. For making you value 'family.'

66. For trusting you.

67. For organizing your closet so neatly.

68. For loving your dad.

69. For being so wise.

70. For listening to all your pointless drama, over and over again.

71. For doubling up as a fashion stylist/hair dresser, etc.

72. For cleaning up after your pets.

73. For picking up the pieces of your broken heart.

74. For being the woman you look up to.

75. For displaying your artwork at home.

76. For believing in you.

77. For giving you the best childhood memories.

78. For taking you to your sports practice, and waiting for you.

79. For preparing you to be an awesome mum.

80. For being your very own tutor.

81. For forcing you to apologize.

82. For holding you when you threw up.

83. For changing your diapers.

84. For taking you stationery shopping before school starts.

85. For answering all the 100 questions you asked as a kid.

86. For liking each and every thing you post to Instagram/Facebook, etc.

87. For passing on her exquisite cooking skills.

88. For making you photo albums, video tapes, etc. of all your childhood memories.

89. For babysitting your kids.

90. For knowing that you're not 'fine,' even when you insist you are.

91. For supporting your decisions, even though you didn't take her advice.

92. For teaching you what true love really means.

93. For being the best grandma your kids could ever wish for.

94. For teaching you what self sacrifice is.

95. For being a successful working mum.

96. For forcing you to do home chores.

97. For encouraging you to pursue your dreams, even if it means you'll be away from her.

98. For helping you convince your dad to stay up late for that special occasion.

99. For forgiving you all the times you let her down.

100. For knowing when to be your mother and when to be your best friend.

101. For surviving the first couple of sleepless months of motherhood.

102. For making sure your health is in top shape.

103. For not telling you 'I told you so,' when you don't need to hear it.

104. For sending you the most random Whatsapp messages.

105. For having your photo in a frame on her bedside table.

106. For turning your frowns into smiles.

Now after your read the things you never thanked your mum for, take the opportunity to thank her now. 

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