Most people believe that divorce is the end of life; however, I am here to tell you that it is not; rather, it is the start of a new one, a new chapter in which you can rediscover yourself and learn new things. Take, for example, "Finding Ola," a Netflix series that follows Ola as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery while dealing with the challenges of raising two children and making ends meet, demonstrating how life after divorce does not end; rather, it begins. The story is full of life lessons that will benefit any woman in a similar situation. The road will be bumpy at first, but nothing comes easily; everything takes time to adjust to the new changes.

When you decide to end things with your partner and get a divorce, you immediately start worrying about how you will support yourself and your children after the divorce. This is where your overthinking begins. Let me assure you that you are not alone; many women have faced similar challenges and survived. If you're wondering how to get through this, here's a guide to help you and make you feel less anxious. New life after divorce: how to find work if you've never worked before.

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First and foremost, stop blaming yourself

Blaming yourself will not get you anywhere, and it will make it difficult for you to move on with your life. Instead, acknowledge what happened and begin thinking about how you will live your life, such as finding a job after not working for many years and how you will have a stable income with which to feed your children, and the most important part is how you will get to know yourself. Use this time as a self-discovery journey for you and your children.

Get to know the new you, or in other words, self-discovery

If you've never worked before or if you used to work but have decided to devote all of your time to your home and family, which you should not regret, then you need to get to know yourself again. Make a list of things or hobbies that interest you. Consider the things that will motivate you in your next chapter as an important first step in developing a career. To get a better idea of what you want, start by answering these questions.

1. Make a list of the values that shape you right now and choose five that speak to you.

2. What were your previous passions? What are you interested in right now?

3. What kind of working environment do you want to be in?

4. Describe what success means to you right now.

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Having connections can help you in your job hunt

If you want to avoid everyone and put yourself in a bubble, let me tell you that this will not help you and will actually take you back a few steps while you are trying to move forward. You may notice that your confidence isn't what it used to be. Making connections is the most important factor in finding work and regaining confidence. Yes, meet new people and get to know your friends' friends. Having connections will make your job hunt easier. For example, if you're looking for work and ask one of your friends, they'll ask their friends if they have any openings for you, and the cycle of going to job interviews will begin.


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Divorce does not mean the end of your life; rather, it means that what awaits you is brighter, and going separate ways is better for you and your partner.

Always be aware of your current budget as well as the budget you intend to spend

You must be aware of your budget now that you are an independent woman and the house piggy bank. For example, if you get a job but end up spending more money on gas than you make, this job is not for you; you need a job that will provide you with money that will benefit you and your children.

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Anyone looking for work must have a resume, so here's how to make one

To apply for a job, you must have a CV/Resume to send to the company where you want to work, and this serves as a mini-introduction to you so that when you go to an interview, they can get to know you better and determine whether you are a good fit for the job. So, here are some things you should include on your resume.

1. Contact information and name

2. Education 

3. Make a list of all the jobs you've had (paid and unpaid), including dates if you can remember them.

4. A list of skills, tools, and certifications that are relevant.

5. Other relevant achievements and volunteer work

6. languages you are fluent in

When it comes to finding work, don't limit yourself

If you are good at something, you do not have to work in a corporate or large office. For example, if you make excellent food, you could sell it or teach cooking classes to others. If you are an artist, consider starting a business or teaching others how to create art. Be open to jobs that will benefit you both financially and emotionally, because doing what you enjoy has a significant impact on your mood.

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Everything takes time, so be patient

Rome was not built in a day, you must be patient when looking for and applying for jobs, and treat each interview as a learning experience; even if you are not accepted, your next one will be the one you are accepted in. Start reading and watching more self-help books and videos during this time to help you in your next chapter. Always remember that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help from friends and family.

No one succeeds the first time; understand that you may fail in the middle of the road, but this does not mean that you must give up; rather, it means that you must get up and start all over again, learning from your previous mistakes. 

Another thing to remember is that if you start a job and don't like it, it's perfectly fine to try something else; you're learning and getting to know yourself better, so if you thought you liked something and find out you like something else, remember it's perfectly fine to change halfway through the road.

Always have multiple plans, from A to Z, so that if one fails, you can fall back on another. Never put all of your hopes and dreams into a single plan, as this will not help you at all in your new chapter.

Finally, social media can help you in ways you might not have expected

Today, social media has become an important tool for people to help one another. You can use free information on social media to help you, such as following business coaches and life coaches who provide important information that will help you in your daily life, work life, and job hunt. We can't forget about Facebook groups that can help you with what you're going through because you'll find other women in the same situation as you who are helping each other, and you'll be able to find more jobs as well.

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