There are so many things men should stop saying to women, that show a huge deal of discrimination against them. Since it's International Women's Day, it's time to take a stand. Don't sugar-coat how you reply back to the demotivating things you hear, so here's a list of the things men should stop saying to women and how to reply back:

1. Will you go alone?

Just because I'm a woman, doesn't mean I can't help myself and go to places on my own. 

What you should say: Yes, of course, what's wrong with that?

2. Are you PMSing? It must be that time of the month.

The ultimate stereotype of all times is that a woman can't make a logical or sane decision, just because she's feeling moody or a little bit tired.

What you should say: My personal health has nothing to do with this. 

3. This is not ladylike of you.

Be it ladylike or not, a woman is free to do whatever she wants without anyone judging her or questioning her femininity.

What you should say: Who should define what's ladylike and what's not?

4. No man likes a powerful woman.

Only weak men are intimidated by powerful women. Always remember that a successful and confident woman is effortlessly sexy.

What you should say: Save all your negative energy for another person who cares!

5. Women belong in the kitchen.

Every living human being should be able to prepare food for themselves, so how does this make women only belong in the kitchen? Gender has literally nothing to do with cooking.

What you should say: You think so? It's only one of the many things I can do. 

6. You have a baby, you should quit your job. 

A recent study has proven that women are far more responsible than men when it comes to handling tasks and duties at the workplace. Pregnant women and mothers are also known to be more committed.

What you should say: With my confidence and resistance, I'm pretty sure I will make it before I even try.

7. As a woman, you should...

As a woman, no man should tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

What you should say: No, you shouldn't define what I do or not.

8. Women are born emotional.

A man who says this doesn't realize that men and women's brains are wired differently. Women are more open about their emotions, and there's nothing wrong with that.

What you should say: Men and women are equally emotional, we just express it differently.

9. You can't do this on your own!

It's kind of ironic how men can think they can do a better job than women, better yet decide what she is not capable of doing.

What you should say: I'm doing it, so get over it.