Oscars Fashion: 15 Fun Facts About the Oscars Red Carpet Fashion

Dalia Hosny
3/12/23, 5:00 PM

As we gear up for the Oscars 2023 red carpet fashion and the awards ceremony tonight, we decided to take a look back at some fun facts about the Oscars. 

While everything is in place for the Oscars, and our favorite Hollywood stars are preparing themselves; there is a big change has been made to the traditional celebration that has taken place since 1961. There will not be a red carpet for this, as it is changed to a champagne color after more than six decades. They chose this color so the transition from daytime to evening would be seamless for the arrivals. 

1. The first Academy Awards ceremony was held May 16, 1929, with 270 attendees at the Roosevelt Hotel's Blossom Room, and recipients were announced three months earlier.

2. The phrase “And the Oscar goes to…” was adopted in 1989 to announce the winners' names as it is believed that it would seem less competitive. The phrase that was used before to announce the winners was “And the winner is….” 

3. Lady Gaga has worn the most expensive necklace in the Oscars’ history. She wore a Tiffany diamond necklace its price was $30 million.

4. Shrek was the first Animated movie to win an Oscar; it was introduced in 2001, and the movie was announced as the winner.

5. Titanic movie is tied for the record to have won the most Oscars as it was nominated 14 times and won 11 times.

6. There are two movies that record holders for most Oscar nominations, however, they have never won a single award. “The Turning Point” in 1997 and “The Color Purple” in 1985, they have been nominated 11 times but went trophyless.

7. Walt Disney is the overall record holder for the Oscar nominations. He was nominated 59 times with 22 wins, and this does not include his four honorary awards.

8. The Oscar ceremony has never been canceled, but it’s been put off three times.

9. Jennifer Lawrence always catch our eyes even with her Oscars ritual of tripping in her own dress, for two years in a row.

10. Sharon Stone made good use of her white Gap shirt, as she paired it up with a Vera Wang satin skirt and pulled it off perfectly, creating an iconic look at Oscars 1988. She was almost the first celebrity to appear on the red carpet wearing a casual white shirt.

11. The famous fashion house, Armani has dressed Jodie Foster every year since she won her Oscar award in 1992.

12. Prada almost took over the red carpet during the Oscars 2014. Most of the celebrities wore dresses designed by Prada more than any other fashion house that year.

13. The American Actress Demi Moore was the first actress ever and the only one to make an appearance on the Oscars red carpet in stretchy shorts (cycling-inspired) paired with a golden overskirt.

14. At the Oscars 2013, Anne Hathaway was about to wear the same dress as Amanda Seyfried, however, she changed it last minute to a Prada gown.

15. Black is the most worn color on the Oscars red carpet throughout the years, followed by gold. 

There will be much more of the Oscar experience that you can watch and stream today, so let's get ready for the Oscars winners for this year.  




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