10 of The Most Beautiful Embroidered Evening Dresses And Where to Buy Them From
Omnia Ibrahim
9/20/22, 6:00 PM

The art of handmade and machine-made embroidery on clothes is not easy at all as the embroidery process itself takes a lot of time and effort. Creating or drawing a specific embroidery design incorporates several steps, from taking the first measurements of the stones to the choice of thread to make the embroidery and matching it to the original dress design. All these steps are not at all easy, so wearing an embroidered evening dress whether at a night party, engagement, or wedding party is like wearing a piece of art. Therefore, we made a compilation of 10 of the most beautiful embroidered evening dresses by Egyptian fashion designers who really excelled in creating innovative and unconventional designs.

1- Dress from @zahan_eg

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If you think embroidery on satin fabric is easy, you’re definitely mistaken. Satin is known to be a very slippery material that does not stay in place easily even in the process of sewing. The fact that the Egyptian brand Zahan has combined the two factors, embroidery and sewing, is very cool and innovative. The best thing about this dress is that the embroidery design at the top is a beautiful leaf shape that you won't find anywhere else.

2- Dress from @soha.murad

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This dress is fully made of embroidered ribbons that you will not find anywhere else in Egypt. It is designed by Suha Murad, who excelled in creating embroidered ribbons and aligning them right next to each other to form a wonderful dress like no other. Therefore, do not forget to check out the rest of her wonderful designs that carry the same quality and creativity.

3- Dress from @temraza

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Can you imagine that 1000 Swarovski stones are hand embroidered on this dress? Certainly, this is the work of Temraza. She created the design and shape of this embroidery under the name "Monogram" in order to make the upper part of this very valuable dress. She has also used this embroidery pattern in several other designs, including a jumpsuit, jacket, and skirt to create a thorough line using only one innovative design.

4- Dress from @amiraquzamelcouture

I have always had an unusual obsession with Princess Quzamel’s designs since I was in college. Besides being from Al-Mansoura and the owner of the Egyptian brand, Amira Quzamil Couture, she creates designs that you will not find elsewhere. For example, this dress with its design might seem ordinary; however, what distinguishes it from the rest of the designs is the shape of the embroidery. She drew and designed the curves of stones on the dress to make an unusual dress, which is what we want in any embroidered dress.

5- Dress by @couturebyfw_

I recommended this dress to a relative of mine to wear at her engagement party. It is very simple but at the same time, it has exquisite embroidery. What makes this dress special is that it’s suitable for teenage girls and young women who want to wear an embroidered dress without it being too big or making them look older.

6- Dress from @fatmanasrcouture

Embroidery with ostrich feathers? Yes, please! This is what the designer, Fatma Nasr, will offer you. The feathers used as an accessory are sewn by hand on the dress very delicately because they’re too fragile to be sewn on the sewing machine. And this is what we want in any carefully embroidered dress. Moreover, this dress is excellent for a wedding or your birthday; it is not too simple and not too flashy at the same time.

7- Dress from @hanemielgabry.couture

Inspired by the Disney Princess "Elsa," this dress will blow your mind and you can get it from the genius fashion designer, Hanim Al-Jabri. She used copper wire and installed stones over it, forming this wonderful design that reminds us of snow in the Disney movie "Frozen." Don't think twice about wearing it at your engagement party!

8- Dress from @maisondeselim

I fell in love with this wedding dress when I first saw it in a wedding photo album here in Egypt. Naturally, I spent more than an hour looking for the designer’s name until I found out who he was. Unquestionably, it was “M A I S O N D E S É L I M” who created this gorgeous dress. Expect to find many designs inspired by the elegant bohemian style from this designer as he works on integrating the fabric of the dress with small stones to create a simple and wonderful masterpiece.

9- Dress from @___thedressingroom___

Can you guess how many stones were used to make this part of the dress? 1000? 2000? Personally, I do not know their number, but what I see here is the mastery of the embroidery to the point that you cannot tell if this is what the cloth looks like or if someone spent many hours embroidering it. This is a hand-embroidered dress from The Dressing Room atelier, which is distinguished by its innovative designs that are suitable for any body shape.

10- Dress from @radwanassarcouture

This is my favorite one among all the previous dresses. All the lovers of the soft feminine style will love the soft material of this dress, the choice of fabric that flows swiftly on the body, and the simple embroidery that adds a feminine touch to the whole dress. The Egyptian designer, Radwa Nassar, relies on this technique, which distinguishes her from other designers in the fashion world.

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