Who hasn't dreamed about their wedding since they were a little girl? Every girl, whether she admits it or not, wants to look and feel like herself on her wedding day, whether it is a luxurious event or a more simple one. This article has something for everyone, whether you want to look like a dreamy princess or more edgy or formal. So that when you're planning your special day, you feel good in your own skin and thrive in it. Today, we're going to tell you about the top bridal trends for 2022.

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1. Train train go away

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Ellie Saab Bridal

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of train dresses, and we just think of how mesmerizing they can be. A beautiful train dress can go along way as it in itself is a statement, you can keep the other details of the dress simple. This beautiful Ellie Saab bridal dress added a bow detail to the back, to complement the train, so don't be afraid to go for detailing with your train. It really gives us royal vibes and we know you’ll be feeling like a princess on your special day.

Top tip: Think of practicality, make sure the train is not too long so it's easy for people to not step on or too heavy either. You could also have a hook on the side of the dress so you can remove the train when done with the main event

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2. Feathers galore

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Lee Petra Grebenau

The right feather dress to me is like a god sent gown for our ascendence to heaven, I really wish I was kidding. Feather dresses have been everywhere, and they’re not exactly a new trend, but instead have made a comeback. It is peak bridal fashion. What is important here is the execution of the dress, as it has to be done really right.

Top tip: Look for/ or create with your tailor a feather look that is toned down, the overdone feathers are beautiful for example on the train of the dress, but try to get the feathers incorporated into the rest of the dress to look subtle and consistent.

3. Cape and sleeved dresses

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Pinterest

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This look exudes mystical fairy princess vibes, and we’re so into it. Capes and sleeves on dresses can be played both up and down, but it really is a detail to consider in your wedding dress. It could be sleeves like the one in the picture above, or a cleverly designed cape that adds volume to your look.

Top tip: Think about it first, plan how it would look then try and see if it’ll work.

4. Power suits

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Markarian NYC

Wearing a power suit to your wedding is powerful, we said it. It is not exactly tradition for women to be wearing suits on their wedding day, but a lot of traditions are outdated. A power suit on your wedding day means more than just an outfit, it means that despite getting tied down you know where you stand. It sounds weird to say that there’s a message behind a suit, but it’s true. Check out our article on 9 bridal engagement looks that do not dresses if you’re still questioning it.

Top tip: Don't think twice about this one, if you think about it just go for it.

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5. Switching from heels to block heels for both comfort and style!

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Sarah Ingram

Honestly, we’re not just saying this for the fashion, but for the comfort. Do you really want to be walking around in six-inch heels all night, when you have a bunch of guests to attend to, or are dancing the night away? The answer is simple, opt for block heels. Sandals, pumps, or classic shoes will suffice. Block heels don't just give you the look of wearing actual heels even though you're not but are great for brides on their day running around.

Top tip: Block heel sandals are perfect for this. They’re both formal and comfortable, you won’t have to worry about having blisters on your honeymoon.

6. Cutouts in dresses

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Lior Charchy

Cut-out dresses add shape and volume to your body and are also a very pretty and original twist to a traditional wedding dress. It adds some minimal modernity to the look and will have you looking great in pictures.

Top tip: Make sure you have it fitted to your body (which goes without saying) but as there are cut-outs, it may look a little weird if it's either a little loose or tight-fitting.

7. Experiment with veils

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Gala by Galia Lahav, Pinterest

A twist to the traditional veil, beaded veils give off 1920s Daisy in The Great Gatsby, and this has to be our favorite wedding trend so far. It’s detailed, beautiful to the eyes, and vintage. You’ll be walking down the aisle (in the metaphorical sense) looking like old money glamour. 

Also, dramatic long veils (known as catholic veils) have been worn a lot lately, another classic twist to bridal fashion and veil trends.

Top tip: It sounds stupid, but make sure the headpiece is the right one for your head shape, we don’t want any accidents at the wedding. Also, try and look for different styles of veils and headpieces to choose from. From beaded veils to classic long catholic style veils, you have a lot to choose from.

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8. Pearl bags and mother of pearl

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: S.A.D.A.F.A 

Pearl and mother of pearl go really well with white, and there are so many designers and online shops that have pearl bags now. Sadafa is an Egyptian brand that uses the beauty of mother of pearl and turns it into handbags, they’re glorious and a serious investment. Clutches are the perfect accessory for a bride and never out of style, they're really easy to carry around, fit at least basic essentials and since they're available in so many different patterns and designs, you could look for something fashion forward or classic. This is where bridal fashion meets practicality. This is the perfect accessory for small dinners and intimate celebrations as it is not heavy nor does it clash with your outfit.

Top tip: Do your research before buying a bag, have you ever been looking for a specific type of handbag, thought you found the best next thing, and then found what you were originally looking for after you’ve already ordered? Same. Apart from that, clutches are super practical for brides for those not so big not so small events leading up to the wedding, you can fit everything you need your lipstick or small perfume, as well as your wallet holder and any other essentials!

9. Rentals

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: Pinterest

This one is more of a service than a recommended look or style. It is much easier and sustainable for the environment and your wallet to rent or buy a second-hand dress. Think about it, every single woman that’s gotten married ever has their own dress, so there’s a million that are just sitting at home collecting dust. There are ateliers and bridal shops that rent out dresses and we’d really recommend this cheaper and easier alternative.

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Top tip: Look for bridal shops and designers that allow you to rent, a few of them being ones such as Atelier Reem and La Novia Bridal.

10. Intricate gloves

Top Bridal Trends Of 2022

Image credits: The Sleeper

Gloves are back in style, no matter the context. A cute simple glove can be a nice detail for your wedding look. You could also jazz it up, with embezzlement, stitching, pearls, or anything you could think of.

Top tip: Make sure the gloves go with the outfit, it sounds like a no brainer but if you put them  on your wedding day and find they don’t look right with the outfit you’ll hate yourself.

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