In every girl's wardrobe you will always get to find a pair of jeans. Not only because it's extremely wearable but also it makes you look chic and trendy. However, if you get to wear in constantly, you might notice that it begins to wear off or become a bit more loose. What if this actually happened to your favorite pair of jeans? Here are the easy and simple seven tips on taking care of your jeans:

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1. Never wash your jeans every time you wear it, you should rather wash it after the tenth time at least. Washing your jeans a little bit too much will soften the fabric which can lead to a looser and an undesirable fit.

2. Turn your jeans inside out while washing it to keep its color from fading. You can also add two tablespoons of salt during washing for better results. 

3. A common misconception while washing jeans is putting it in either hot or warm water in order to get rid of stains and dirt. Avoid doing this to your jeans and wash in cold water instead. 

4. If you usually send your jeans to the dry cleaners, then you should only send it once per month to make it last longer. 

5. Scrub the dirt out from your jeans using a clothes brush instead of constantly washing it. 

6. Minimize the times you use the washing machine and wash it by hand while adding a small cup of vinegar to the water. This genius trick will make the color of your jeans last way longer. 

7. Fold your jeans in two and hang it up instead of leaving it to wrinkle.

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