There's nothing worse than waiting for an hour or two for your phone to fully charge, and then have it dead before your day even begins! You become that person who's constantly looking for a place to charge or hate yourself for forgetting the charger at home. Well, there are reasons why your phone's battery dies really fast, and to change that, read the following lines.

1. You have so many apps running at the background, even if you're not using them. Apps that constantly update themselves with data drain your battery. Make your apps refresh only when you open them, and when you're done, close them.

2. High brightness drains the battery fast, so it's best to keep the brightness low as long as there's nothing important you want to look at or read.

3. Some applications, like Google Maps, use a lot of data to update your location constantly, so it also drains your battery fast. Just go to settings, and set it to "While Using the App."

4. Not updating your smartphone to its latest software version might cause your battery to die quickly, because software updates include bug fixes, and solutions to any problems your phone might be facing, and the battery life might be one of them.

5. Did you set your phone to look for Wi-Fi networks all the time? Then you should turn it off, because that is making your smartphone's battery die quickly.

6. You like to get notifications from all of the social media platforms you're checking and games you're playing? Turn them all off, and leave only the important ones, as these notifications are using a lot of your battery power too!

7. Low quality chargers ruin batteries, so make sure you invest in a brand original charger, instead of having a dead battery all the time.