Colors are not just what we think they are; they have a lot of meanings, signs and effects on our mentality, feelings and even our actions. Colors also could tell you a lot about the person in front of you or even about yourself. So, let's see what I mean in the upcoming words.. 

What does it mean if your favorite color is: 

If you prefer the color red...

Let me tell you that you are probably an active, emotional, moody, willing to learn, and very sensitive person, who knows how to give people attention and care. 

And for those who prefer the green color...

You are known for your loyalty and sensitivity. You will also find love the right way to help people, which makes you very trusted. 

And yellow color lovers...

The kind of person who was born to be a leader. Also, likes to be alone most of the time and do rely on only themselves. They think telling anyone about their problems is a weakness. 

Hi pink world! 

Most people who like pink are sweet, kind, optimistic, clever, and lovable people who choose to see everything around them in a positive way and make everyone as happy as they could. 

Orange lovers.

Are mostly confident, courageous and ambitious, willing to fulfill all their dreams and goals. They are also so mature and pure. 

People who prefer the blue color...

Are calm and very sensitive, so they don’t usually trust people easily. They also feel free to express their feelings, either by crying or laughing out loud. 

White color equals...

White heart and soul. People who prefer this color are positive, pure, clear, honest and qualified people who love to live! 

Let us finish with the king of colors...Black.

People who prefer this color are the kind of people who hide their feelings and thoughts, so they build blocks around them and other people.