'Z' or 'Big Z', this young American actor who shared the screen with Mona Zaki in the Ramadan Series Lebat Newtonor Newton's Cradlecaught the attention of many on social media. Everyone is curious about Adam El Sharkawy, his talent and charisma, which were apparent the moment he came on screen.

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So we thought it would be a good idea to get to know more about Adam el Sharkawy...

Who is Adam El Sharkawy 'Z' from the series 'Lebat Newton'?

1. Adam El Sharkawy was born in Egypt in 1994 to two Egyptian parents. His father is Khaled El Sharkawy, studied criminal law.

2. His real name is Mahmoud El Sharkawy.

3. Adam has an older and a younger brother. 

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4. Adam El Sharkawy immigrated at a young age with his parents to California in the United States.

5. At the age of ten, he got the name Adam El Sharkawy instead of Mahmoud, when he enrolled in John Robert Acting School.

6. At the age of eighteen, Adam changed his name again, to obtain a short and artistic name, 'Adam Elshar'.

7. Adam was known for his academic excellence since his childhood. In elementary school, he got a certificate of excellence signed by US President George W. Bush, and continued to excel until he graduated in 2012, from Savanna High School in the Anaheim, California.

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8. Adam was not only interested in academics and his love for acting, but he was also part of his high school basketball team.

9. Adam started took his first steps in the creative arts world in 2009, where he participated in the the Disney series 'Skyrunners Testimonials'. After that, he stopped acting until 2018, and he participated in plays for college.

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10. Adam began, immediately after his graduation, to enroll in various acting workshops, for around two years. One of the most prominent workshops he attended was that of the famous acting coach, Lauren Patrice Nadler, who's known for working with young Hollywood stars.

11. In 2018, Adam decided to take a serious step into the acting world, and so his first participation was in a short independent film called 'It's the AZN'.

12. After that, Adam set out to participate in a variety of roles, such as 'Memo' in the movie 'Low Low' and the young version of 'Ave' in 'Melrose Avenue 86', among others. Now, he's grabbing people's attention playing Big Z this Ramadan. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @adamelsharkawy1