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| by Nada Allam

Your Ultimate Dusty Weather Survival Guide

If you are living in one of those cities with dusty weather and horrible sandstorms, then you really need to read up our dusty weather survival guide. There is nothing worse than sitting surrounded by dust, or passing your fingers across your table to see how much dust has accumulated. So, in an effort to make your life just a little bit easier during a sandstorm, check out the ultimate dusty weather survival guide.

1. Don’t wear white, unless you want your top or pants to come back in another color.

2. Rinse your mouth regularly to get rid of any dust on your lips or in your mouth. 

3. Wear sunglasses when walking out in the street, to avoid any sand from entering your eyes. 

4. Don’t wear your lenses if there is a sandstorm or dusty weather in your area.

5. If you have allergies from dusty weather, you are better off staying home. However, if you must go out, be sure to wear a medical mask and keep an inhaler with you.

6. Don’t wear suede shoes or items of clothing that load up on dust. Go for leather or other pieces that can be washed easily.

7. Wrap your scarf around your mouth when walking in the streets. 

8. Bring your laundry hanger inside, and don't do much laundry on the dusty days, it will never be as clean. 

9. Put a carpet, or a rolled towel underneath the door to prevent any dust from entering. 

10. Close all your windows, along with your shutters. 

11. Don’t apply any cream or moisturizer to your face or body when heading out the door in dusty weather, so that the sand or dirt doesn’t stick to you.

12. Tie your hair up in a bun or a ponytail to prevent frizziness.

13. Change your bed sheets, especially your pillow case. Sleeping among the dirt is not only bad for your health, but also for your pores and skin. 

14. You need to shower after passing through a sandstorm. Be sure to shake your head first to get rid of as much sand as you can before showering.

15. If you have white furniture around your home, cover it with sheets.

16. Be sure to clean the surfaces around your home, such as the bed-side table or coffee tables. 

17. Do not leave any dishes in the dish holder, put all your kitchen wear in closed cabinets.

18. Keep a door mat at the door of your home so you can dust your shoes off before entering. 

19. Postpone the errands you have to do on a dusty day.

20. Keep some eye drops with you, in case your eyes got irritated from all the dust.

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