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50 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Ending a Relationship

A breakup in any type of relationship does not happen overnight! If you've been struggling with your partner and aren't sure whether to stay or go, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before calling it quits. If you're having second thoughts, answering these questions will help you make a better decision. You must understand that there is no correct or incorrect answer; you will only gain insights to determine your next step. Here are 50 important questions to ask yourself before ending a relationship.

An important reminder: The answers to these questions do not necessarily imply that you should or should not end a relationship; rather, there is important analysis and conversation to have with yourself and with each other in order to determine what the best thing to do right now would be.

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30 questions to ask yourself before breaking up:

1. What is the main reason you want to breakup with your partner?

2. Is this relationship making you more unhappy than happy the majority of the time?

3. Are you always having the same fights with your partner?

4. Is there a way to improve your relationship?

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5. Do you spend time making up after arguments more than having fun together?

6. Is this relationship bringing out the worst in you?

7. Do you keep remembering how it used to be and wish things would go back the same way?

8. Are you growing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally?

9. Are you happy with your intimate life?

10. Do you share the same goals for the future?

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11. What values are you bringing into each other's lives?

12. Are you making too many sacrifices just to make it work?

13. Do you really love your partner or are you staying because you're afraid of being alone?

14. How will you feel if you don't end this relationship?

15. Have you thought about what life could be like if you ended things with your partner?

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16. Are you helping each other become better, or are you making each other take more steps backwards? 

17. Do you both see yourselves growing old together?

18. Has your environment together become full of tension and negative energy most of the time?

19. Does their presence make you happy and at ease or tense and uncomfortable? 

20. Do you support each other's personal choices?

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21. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? 

22. When did you start doubting your relationship?

23. What made you fall in love with them?

24. Does it genuinely feel like it's over, or is it just a hiccup in the road?

25. Should you just take a break, separate for a while, and then see how things go?

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26. Do you make time for each other?

27. Would you regret it?

28. Do you find yourselves constantly blaming and resenting one another?

29. What did you learn from this relationship?

30. Why am I staying? OR Why am I leaving?'

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31. Are you able to be yourself around your partner?

32. Are you getting the personal space you need in this relationship? Or are they invading your personal space?

33. Do you miss them when they're gone? Or do you feel relieved?

34. Do you see yourself having kids with them in the future?

35. Do you share any common interests? Or can you share each other's interests?

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36. Do they respect your boundaries?

37. Do you ever feel safe when you're around them?

38. You're different from each other, but in a way that doesn't bother you?

39. Do you consider their family to be your family? Or don't you get along?

40. Do I really love them, or do I just want them to be the person I want them to be?

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41. Do you like them or just like the idea of them?

42. Do you find yourself being questioned on a regular basis about who you talk to, where you go, how much money you spend, and other related issues?

43. Do you genuinely love them? Or are you afraid of being alone and therefore staying with them until the right person comes along?

44. What difference will this ending make in your life? What about the other person's life?

45. Is there anyone else you feel more connected to than your partner?

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46. Does your partner keep their promises or keep their word?

47. Is there any "red flags" that you used to ignore at first, that now you can't stand?

48. Are they financially responsible, or do they have the potential to become so?

49. You're not as sexually attracted to them as you expected?

50. Are you afraid of commitment and avoid it by ending a healthy relationship?

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Whatever decision you make, remember that you are doing it for yourself, your mental health, and your emotional health. Make sure you won't be sorry for it. Surround yourself with a supportive group that will be there for you no matter what, and if you decide to end things, remember that if it is meant to be, they will return.

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