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30 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Ending a Friendship

Fustany Team
4/10/22, 12:00 AM

I believe that we do not get to choose our families, but we do get to choose our friends. We all know how our friends are our number one supporters, advice givers (even if their advice isn't always the best), travel buddies, secret keepers, and so on; the list could go on for hours. However, as we grow older, we change and sometimes grow apart, or our interests change, or some friendships become more of a burden than a source of relief, and this is where the sad part comes in, when we have to end things for our own good. Here are 30 questions to ask yourself before ending a friendship. 

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If you've been thinking about it and looking for a sign to end things with your friend, this is it. However, first, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you get excited when you hang out with them, or do you think to yourself, "OMG, when can I go home!"?

2. Do you feel comfortable telling them everything, or do you feel like you're hiding a part of yourself or being judged for what you're saying?

3. Can you trust your friend?

4. Is your friend as supportive of you as you are of them?

5. Is your friend always there for you when you need them? Or are they not?

6. Can you rely on them?

7. Do you have similar hobbies or interests?

8. Are you giving too much and getting nothing back?

9. Do you have the impression that they are jealous of your achievements?

10. Do you trust your friend around your partner?

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11. Does this friend make me feel good about myself?

12. Would you describe your friend as a great friend to others?

13. Is this someone I'd want to be stranded on an island with? Or will you want to swim away from them?

14. What is your biggest fear about ending this friendship?

15. Can you be completely honest with your friend about your feelings and thoughts?

16. Does this person boost your self-esteem? Or do they do the complete opposite?

17. What value does this friendship bring to your life?

18. What roles do you play in each other's lives?

19. You've known each other for a long time; would you still be friends if you met them today? 

20. Are you willing to forgive them for whatever they've done?

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21. If you end this friendship, will you regret it? or feel relieved? 

22. What did you fight about if there was a fight? More importantly, what exactly did you fight about?

23. Is this friend willing to work with you to solve whatever the problem is? Or is it a hopeless cause?

24. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your friendship?

25. Do they treat you as you treat them?

26. Assume you have a group of friends and you want to end things with one of them. Who will get the rest of your friends?

27. What effect is your friendship having on your mental health?

28. Are you thinking that if you end things, you won't have any other friends?

29. What exactly do you want out of this friendship?

30. Will you miss them as a person or will you miss the memories when this friendship comes to an end?

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Whatever decision you make after answering these questions, I'm pretty sure it's best for you because it's not easy to end a friendship, but you've probably been thinking about it and hopefully these questions helped you reach an answer. 

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