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| by The Fustany Team

Your Man's Ultimate Guide to Comfort You on a Bad Day

Generalizing is not always right nor accurate. However, through observing relationships around us, we concluded that some of us, girls, struggle in a similar way when it comes to relationship problems. Men are programmed to take situations as they are, and approach a problem with a “cause and effect” and “problem - let's find a solution” attitude.

Guess what? Some women don’t like things handled this way. They just have a more emotional approach to handling their worries. When something is stressing them out, they need to cry, vent, complain and then maybe after a few hours, maybe even days, they can start wanting a solution.

We’ve come up with a list of things we think guys can do to help comfort their partners when a situation like this presents itself...

1. Try to listen and allow her to vent. She is now at the point where she doesn't want to argue or have someone give her rational solutions to the problem. She just wants you to listen to her release the thoughts that have been building up in her head all day.

2. After she’s done talking, hold her. A warm hug is a form of stress relief and a physical expression, showing you’re here for her whenever she wants to take a break from her problems.

3. You probably already know what comforts her. Make her a warm cup of tea or put on her favorite TV show. Find something that you know will instantly put her in a better mood.

4. After a while, when she’s calmed down and released most of the anxiety, ask her when she’s ready to talk, so you can start giving your input. If she wants to talk, then start presenting your opinion on the matter, and telling her what you think the solution is or where she could go from here.

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