There are clear signs you should end your relationship, but you might need someone to help you spot them. Sometimes the truth hurts. At some point, you really need to be able to state the obvious and stop thinking with your emotions. Breakups are truly bad and heart-aching, I completely understand. Yet, sometimes a breakup can be only temporarily painful, if you think about it. Here are five signs you should end your relationship.

1. He’s pulling away

Is a lingering distance between the two of you growing? This is a sign that the two of you are drifting apart. If you’re no longer excited about going out on a date or even eager to see him, then this is worrying. If he’s also trying to find excuses all the time or he spends most of his time with his friends then you should rethink your relationship all together. 

2. Too much drama

When drama takes a whole lot of space and time in your lives and both of you don’t know how to communicate well anymore, then stop leading each other on. Of course every couple fights. It’s completely normal and natural, but when fights become more frequent and aggressive than the norm, something has got to be wrong.  

3. Lack of trust

Are you always questioning where he’s at? Who is he hanging out with? Is he cheating on me? Do you feel like there's something fishy going on? Well, you shouldn't feel like that in a relationship. I'm a firm believer that partners should have their own time and space, but if he disappears for weeks or aggressively hides his phone from you, then you should start thinking twice.

4. Feelings aren’t the same

If you’re only in the relationship because you don’t want to hurt his feelings or you’re afraid of being alone or maybe you started having feelings for someone else, then there's no point of being together. If you start to compare him to your exes, this means you’re not madly in love with him anymore. When you start noticing the cute boy with you at work or your gym acquaintance, then this is surely a sign.

5. He's too manipulative or controlling 

If he’s being too controlling, this means he has no respect for your personal life and private choices. You are only lying to yourself if you don't believe in that. Someone who loves you will genuinely want the best for you, and will let you make your own choices without interfering. If he's being too abusive or fights with you if you don't follow his advice, then it's time to pack your bags and leave.

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