How to Confront Your Partner About His Bad Hygiene?
Mariam Youssef
4/13/23, 7:00 PM

We understand that approaching your partner about his hygiene—or lack thereof—might be awkward. At the same time, talking to him about why cleanliness isn't a big deal to him might help you figure out what's going on. In this article, we'll look at ways to get your partner to take responsibility for his cleanliness and personal care. These suggestions will help you make sure your partner takes regular showers and maintains a spotless appearance without embarrassing him.

But first, we need to understand why someone could develop poor hygiene.

It is sexist to think that only men struggle with maintaining their cleanliness, whereas women always have a clean, fresh scent. The truth is that anyone can have bad habits, regardless of gender. The problem is that we are more forgiving when men don't follow their daily routine, but we find it hard to accept when women have bad habits. We have plenty of articles that help women take care of their hygiene, but this article is dedicated to men’s hygiene.

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A person's lack of proper hygiene may be caused by several factors, ranging from laziness to mental health issues. Therefore, it's crucial to make tiny efforts to inspire someone rather than pass judgment on them. 

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It may be difficult for someone with mental health problems to even get out of bed, let alone collect the willpower to take a shower. It could seem as though if you were in a relationship with someone, you would be able to tell if they were depressed or had financial problems that prevented them from taking care of personal hygiene.

So, what should you do when your partner has bad hygiene?

Confront him delicately

Talking to him rather than dictating to him or shoving him into the shower is the first thing you want to do to address this issue. Have a casual conversation with him and then just inquire as to why he is not motivated to take care of his health. Remember that he shouldn’t feel insulted or ashamed and should be at ease so he can be open and honest with you about his motivations.

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Convince your husband to shower together

Getting your spouse to take a bath or shower with you is one effective technique to make your point. Then, instead of saying something negative, say something uplifting like "I love it when you smell so clean." It's possible that your spouse won't get the message, but it's still worth a shot, especially because the whole thing might be incredibly enticing for both of you.

Put it in writing

Consider writing it down if you're finding it difficult to discuss this hygiene problem, whatever it may be, in person. A written message will give you the chance to rephrase what you say so you'll be sure you're delivering it as politely and tactfully as you possibly can. You might even try to soften the blow of the bad news by highlighting as many positive aspects of it as you can. This message can have two outcomes. The first is that your partner will implement the suggestions you request and you won't need to bring up the subject again. If not, it will likely result in a discussion—hopefully not a fight—and you can go from there.

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Don’t focus on the action but on the outcome

Focus on the result rather than the behavior if you want to modify your partner's bad habits; otherwise, he will become upset. So instead of telling him to floss or take a shower, bring up the fact that he smells funny or has foul breath. Even though he could feel a little uncomfortable, this will still be nicer than the nagging behavior

Team up

Whatever the cause of your boyfriend's poor hygiene may be, try persuading him to adopt healthy habits with you. He doesn't need to be made aware of his bad habits; all you need to do is gently encourage him to practice appropriate hygiene. There is a chance that he will be inspired to take care of himself if he sees you taking care of yourself.

Tell him, for instance, that you should brush your teeth together at the same time. You might also offer to go shopping with him and get him some new clothes. You could also do laundry together.

Understand that he may be mentally suffering

You may want to realize that your partner's lack of hygiene care does not necessarily indicate that he is lazy; however, there may be many other factors causing this. Poor mental health or depression is one of the most typical causes. Everyone has a different approach to dealing with depression. While some people can maintain a smile and carry on as usual, others find it impossible to do anything as simple as get out of bed, take a shower, or brush their teeth. Try to figure out your man's issue, and if they are truly experiencing mental trauma, take them to a counselor.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man who completely refused to take care of himself? Would you mind sharing any advice you've used with our readers? What did you think of it? Has he changed over time? If you have any advice to help our readers with their relationships, we'd love to hear it.

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