He's Not The One Unless He Has These 13 Personality Traits That Define Real Men
Mariam Youssef
3/16/23, 3:00 PM

Every woman who wants to be in a committed relationship hopes to find a real man to get married to. But what is a real man? This person no longer engages in any immature activities or thoughts. He demonstrates mature thinking, speaking, and behavior. A true man must first and foremost be his own leader. As a result, he gains confidence and becomes a leader of others. Being manly is not associated with how many tires he can change or jars he can open. His real strength lies in his mind. That said, don’t assume he’s the one until you make sure he has the following 13 qualities that define manhood.

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He cares about his significant other

A real man is more concerned with other things than how his lover fits into his life. His sincere concern is for his partner's needs. Time, emotional connection, physical fulfillment, and intellectual stimulation are a few examples of these needs. He will carve out time to provide his partner with all of these. A real man does not feel disturbed or inconvenienced when she asks for some space. Instead, he embraces this task and gives her what she requires.

He takes responsibility for his mistakes

A true gentleman does not automatically presume that all of the problems in a relationship are driven by the other person. He is to blame for some of the problems that can develop in a relationship. In such circumstances, he owns up to his errors and apologizes. Some guys have a tendency to blame their significant others for their mistakes. This is wrong and does not show maturity. A true man realizes that his girlfriend, fiancée, or wife is a member of his team. So, he encourages companionship in the most sympathetic way possible.

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He has many interests other than his relationship

Although a real man gives so much time and effort to his relationship, it is not the only thing that occupies his mind. He has interests outside of relationships in order to keep his life exciting and dynamic. He enjoys doing a particular hobby, job, or other activities, which displays his ambition. One of the characteristics of a real man is his love for things unrelated to relationships.

He stands up for his beliefs

A true man is not ashamed of who he is. He loves himself and would not sacrifice his principles to win the approval of others. He has the courage to stand up for what he truly believes in the face of criticism. He can protect himself by himself. He doesn't look for empathy or assistance.

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He keeps his word

A man must keep his word in order to be considered a real man. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it! A real man won't back out of last-minute social or professional commitments, so you don't have to worry about that. This might not seem like a big deal at first. Yet the underlying significance of this is considerably greater. A real man knows the worth of maintaining a particular set of values and appreciates his time as well as that of others.

He knows how to handle conflicts calmly

A good man will remain collected and calm and manage any conflict in the right way. Some men believe that escalating a conflict and acting aggressively when confronted with it is a trait of a real man. This is definitely not the case. A real man tries to resolve the problem as calmly as possible while maintaining his temper despite everything.

He is self-reliant

Having one's own source of money is one of the most obvious signs of independence. It enables a man to enjoy his liberty. In high school and college, a boy is permitted to ask his parents for money. After completing his university degree, he will need to find a job to support himself and, if possible, his partner. A true man needs to learn how to rely on himself and construct his own house. He may then be relied upon to look after someone else when the time comes.

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He listens before he speaks

It is simple to fall into the temptation to brag and talk about yourself. This is something that many men regularly do. They discuss things like their new car, house, rumors, and other successes. A real man has little interest in talking about himself, despite being spectacular. He gives his words a lot of thought before he speaks, preferring to let others speak first.

He’s honest and straightforward

Before you assume he’s the one, you need to ensure that he’s completely honest with you. He doesn’t lie, hide things, or cheat. Even when he does something you dislike, he comes clean and confesses what he did because he’s an honest person. Moreover, a real man should not give manipulative answers or ask manipulative questions. He should be straightforward.

He’s a leader

Every man who can function as a leader in social and professional settings, whatever the situation, is a real man. A real man takes the initiative and lets his actions speak for themselves rather than being a follower and merely behaving as other people do. A true man knows exactly what he needs to do when it is time to make a decision, as opposed to being unsure and unable to decide.

He’s clean and neat

Despite the widespread belief that boys and men might be untidy and disorganized, these are not traits that define manhood; they define laziness.  A true man must constantly attempt to stay neat and clean. He must also keep everything around him spotless. He has to maintain all of the things in his home tidy and organized, including his paperwork, linens, and clothing. As a result, he develops discipline and succeeds in life more.

He takes care of his health

Your man should take care of his health and fitness. He shouldn’t be smoking or drinking because this will affect his health greatly. His body must be in good enough shape to handle the daily physical stress he places on it; he doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder champion though! He must also possess sufficient strength to help people around him complete physically demanding activities. Real men have always been viewed as being strong and capable of defending their families. This concept is still relevant today.

He always looks the part

A real man always dresses the part, even in his free time. He radiates attractiveness and appeal thanks to his style, elegance, and attitude. Although his attire may not be what you would associate with a real man or gentleman, he never showcases a messy appearance. He always appears polished, neat, and refined in whatever he decides to wear, even in casual attire.

There are many other things that define real men in addition to the mentioned above points. However, what’s important is that you make sure that your partner has what it takes to be your man before you assume they’re the one just because you’re in love.

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