We've all seen the famous movie "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," so I'm sure you know how to ruin a relationship you just entered in. The question is, do you know how to keep a relationship that you just got into last in an exciting way the first 10 days? We're talking 10 days because there's always some awkwardness at first. Here you go and you can thank us later:

1. Be Yourself!

As cliche as that might sound, it's the best piece of advice anyone can ever give you. He needs to see you the way you truly are, no sugar coating things. We're not saying don't compromise, but if let's say if you're a controlling person, don't try to fake that you're not. It'll only ruin things later on!

2. Don't Be on Standby Mode on the First 10 Days

Yes, that's true! Don't be too nice trying to fulfill whatever he asks you to do. If he asks too much of you like being there for him all the time or running errands and helping him out with work all at once, you need to let him know you're there for him, yet your life won't revolve around doing what he asks for.

3. Get to Know Each Others' Flaws

It's correct that what attracts you at first to a person is his qualities rather than his flaws, yet knowing his flaws are also a deal breaker if they hit you by surprise later on. Try to talk, discuss different issues and see how he deals with not only you, but also the people around him and you'll surely pick on the flaws and the same goes for him. It's better to know each other inside out to build a strong and solid relationship.

4. Be Patient

If there's still some awkwardness at first, be patient as this will go away gradually. If you want him to change a certain quality or the way he deals with something, talk to him about it in a nice way and wait, he'll eventually get there. Same goes for you of course, but most importantly it shouldn't be something huge.

5. Look at Your Best

We tend to look at our best until we get the man we like, and then start being a bit more chilled about our looks. Wrong! Totally wrong! You need to look at your best as often as you can and especially at the beginning of a relationship. You need to wow him and make him fall head over heels for you.

6. Don't Be Too Clingy

Guys don't like clingy women nor clingy behavior. You're excited about the relationship and would like to spend tons of time talking to him and being around him? Well, that's not a bad thing, but keep some for later as well and try to entertain yourself with other things, because for most men spotting clingy behavior is somehow repelling.

7. Avoid the "M" Word

Do not ever bring up marriage on the first 10 days of a new relationship, as a matter of fact not even on the first two months of being together. Most men will freak out even if they try to show you otherwise. Another tip, don't bring up how many kids you'd like to have as well, that should be something discussed later on down the line of a relationship.

8. Get to Know His Friends

It's important to get to know your boyfriend's friends and eventually be good friends with them as well. This will not only make him love you more, but he would want you to spend more time with him and won't exclude you when he goes out to meet his friends. The tip here is not trying too hard though, they'll like you once they get to know you better.

9. Some Teasing

It's good to keep the fun in a relationship and especially showing off your fun side with some teasing. It doesn't necessarily have to be the kind of teasing you're thinking off, but rather fun jokes and being able to make fun of one another to make each other laugh. Sense of humor is always a great addition!

10. Keep Things Interesting

Easier said than done, some might say. Well, not really! Just stay away from falling into a routine from the very beginning of your relationship. Go out to new places, even silly ones such as an entertainment park, hang out with his friends and yours, go out on romantic dates, some Play Station wouldn't hurt as well or going to the movies. You get the point right?

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