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| by Luci

Post #47: Italians Do It Better

Remember when I told you ladies I’m kicking drama out of my life? Well, that’s exactly what I did during my visit to Dubai. It was the time for me to know how to enjoy life again regardless of what might happen, and focus on the small things that put a smile on your face. Awesome, right? Well, let me start by telling you how my trip went, but you have to keep up with the amount of excitement. Are you ready for it?

Dina: Shit, it’s sooo hot here.

Me: Stop whining lady, we’ll get to a place with an AC soon.

Dina: Oh, the taxis are over there, let’s get going because my aunt prepared some delicious food for us.

Me: Yummm, I can’t wait!

Dina and I were staying at her aunt’s house for a week. She was going to Dubai for a vacation and I had some work and meetings with Amr to take care of. As soon as we landed at her aunt’s house, I texted him to see what he was up to. We didn’t have any meetings on the first day, but I thought maybe it’ll be a good chance for us to hang out a bit, a chance to bond and show him my fun and cheerful side again. It took him almost three hours to reply back, saying he wasn’t free as he had to meet some old school friends. I was a bit disappointed, but decided to still go ahead with my day and have a good time. Dina was going to see one of her college friends, and I thought why not join them. Boy was I glad that Amr had something else to do, the guys we went out with were smoking hot as Dina would say. Think a mix of Italians and Lebanese, not bad, right?

I unleashed my wild side and had my sight on one of the men there, to be more specific, the Italian one. First off, let me introduce you to Giovanni, a tall Italian man, with an amazing accent, brown eyes, and a smile to make your heart melt in a second. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, he had an impeccable style, it’s not that easy to find a man who does.

Dina kept on winking at me the whole time as if she’s telling me how proud she is that I’m finally going out of my way to have some “innocent” fun. Was I turning into the man eater Dina is? Well, if it’s only for a week, why not, right?

Giovanni: What are your plans for tonight Luci?

Dina: Why, you wanna ask her out?

Tony (Giovanni’s friend): Shhh Dina, stay out of it.

Giovanni: Sorry, how rude of me, Dina you too, what are you guys up to?

Dina: Well, whatever you suggest handsome haha

Me: Nothing planned yet…

Giovanni: Great, then you can join us, we’re going to Music Hall tonight.

Me: Oh yay, I love that place. Only been there in Beirut, but I hear it’s awesome here as well. I’m in!

Tony: Count me in bro!

Giovanni: Who said you’re invited dude, I’m trying to keep these ladies away from you. I tell you girls, he’s a pretty bad influence.

Dina: Noooo Tony comes or else I’m locking Luci up at home, and she won’t be able to join either hahaha

Giovanni: Tony your friend is a tad on the crazy side. Ok, you’re more than welcome to come haha

So we went back home, got glammed up and ready for a late night out. I checked my phone but Amr hadn't sent anything, and that’s when I decided to annoy him a bit. I sent him a text saying: “Just wanted to check up on you and make sure your friends are as fun as ours haha.”

He replied in less than a minute saying: “We’re just chilling at a shisha place. What are you up to?”

Me: “Going to Music Hall with two cute guys :p”

Amr: “Oh is that so? I’m not in your plans huh?”

Me: “Well, you snooze you lose!”

Then I decided to ditch my phone at home, as it was time for pure fun and meaningless flirting. Dina went for a short revealing black dress, and I decided to go for something to show off my legs a bit, but without having everyone stare at me. Did I tell you I have been working out lately?

Anyway, once we arrived there Dina didn’t waste much time and started bonding with her friend Tony, for some reason I had a feeling that they used to have a thing going on before. Giovanni on the other hand kept me company, though there were lots of his friends with us as well. For me, it wasn’t just about the fact that a hot guy was flirty, but rather that he thought I was interesting. Remind me again why I was whining about Billy? Seriously, Billy who?

Giovanni: What should I get you to drink?

Me: I don’t really drink.

Giovanni: What? How can you be so hyper then?

Me: Hmmm, I guess someone hit me on the head when I was a child haha

Throughout the night, Giovanni was super cute to me, you could tell he’s a true gentleman, the cool and chilled kind of man, who gives you compliments every now and then, but doesn’t like to go much out of his way. We danced the night away, adding some crazy silly moves, which weren’t really crowd pleasers. Everyone kept on looking at us as if we’ve just landed from another planet. I don’t blame them!

We arrived back home around 4 am and I knew I was going to regret it the next morning, seeing that I had a meeting with Amr and a client at 9 am. I went straight to bed but thought I’d check my emails first, and to my surprise I found three different text messages from Amr saying:

Text 1: So are the guys going with you?

Text 2: Ok, curiosity is killing me, yalla tell me!

Text 3: Are you back yet?

I couldn’t believe it, I think he’s actually jealous! Maybe that’ll motivate him to take a step while we’re here. Let’s see about that…

The next day I woke up really early and tried to hide away my tired eyes with some extra foundation, but apparently it was so obvious that Amr commented: “Seriously, what were you doing last night?”

Me: It was really fun, wish you were there.

Amr: Oh yeah, that’s why you didn’t reply to any of my messages.

Me: Oppsss, I was meaning to, but then I fell asleep. I’m really sorry about that. But you’re the one who didn’t join us. Why was that again?

Amr: Ok, let me be honest here as I need your opinion on something.

Me: Sure, tell me.

Amr: Guess who came along with my friends yesterday?

Me: Who?

Amr: My ex, or as I used to call her my high school sweetheart. We completely lost touch for a few years, but turns out she got married and now she's divorced. She was being really flirty yesterday though. Do you think I should give it a go?

Hmmm, what should I tell him here? Is he seriously asking me that question? Is he really considering it or could it be that he’s trying to make me jealous? It was hard to determine as he had his poker face on.

Amr: So what do you think?

Me: I can’t tell you what to do or what not to. It’s up to you!

With that, I tried to keep my mind focused on the meeting as the client walked in a minute later. Seems like men will always be men, but his question will certainly not make me feel any less happy. I’ll just ignore it, he can do whatever he wants to. 

The meeting lasted for over four hours and I could barely fight off sleep, but I kept on drinking coffee to make sure I don’t start snoring all of a sudden. That would be bad, wouldn’t it?

Amr: What are your plans for today?

Me: Nothing much for today. I’ll go back home to see what Dina is up to.

Amr: And tomorrow?

Me: Nothing as well. Why?

Amr: A friend of mine gave me a few invitations to one of the shows at Fashion Forward and I thought it might be fun for you to go. He’s handling the PR for this designer, you can bring Dina along if you want to. Oh, and how about “the cute guys” as well?

Me: Hahaha I don’t get you man seriously. Why would you want me to get the cute guys?

Amr: I need to show them who’s the boss.

Me: I’m not someone’s property, no one’s the boss here!

Amr: I didn’t mean it that way.

Me: Besides, you can always take your ex with you. I’m sure you have a lot of catching up to do.

Amr: I’m seeing her today actually. It’s not that I want to, but she kept on insisting and I don’t like to be rude.

Me: Great, don’t be rude. I’ll call up Giovanni to plan something fun.

Amr: Do whatever pleases you!

Me: I will!

You could tell we were both challenging one another to see who’ll admit first that he has a thing for the other, but not this time, I’m not going to give in that easily. He needs to do some extra effort, am I correct?

As I was about to text one of the two handsome guys, I received a call from Giovanni.

Me: Hey!

Giovanni: How are you gorgeous?

Me: Fine, just finished work and a bit exhausted. How was your day?

Giovanni: It was good, loads of things needed to be done.

We talked for almost half an hour over the phone and then he asked me out.

Giovanni: What do you say we go out to grab some dessert?

Me: Sounds good. I’ll tell Dina now…

Giovanni: No, I meant me and you. No one else. Is that okay with you?

Me: Why shouldn’t it be?

I took a quick nap and woke up three hours later, Dina was no where to be found, but that didn’t worry me much as she probably didn’t get back in the first place. I didn’t want Giovanni to think we were going out on a date or anything, so I just slipped into comfy clothes. After all you shouldn’t be perceived as trying too hard if you don’t really know what he has in mind. We went to a cute place with an amazing view overseeing the beach and can you guess what I ordered? I can hear you saying ice-cream, which is true! Two different flavors and I kept on eating them for almost 20 minutes without saying a word. He just kept on talking and pausing every minute to make sure I didn’t stuff my face into the plate. Seriously no guy ever would consider me, I am neither cute nor sexy while cramming down all that ice-cream, but for some reason he told me it’s adorable. Okay, he wins the trophy of man of the year! We kept on talking for hours, and what started off as a short date, went on for quite some time. He’s very pleasant, straightforward and he opened up pretty quickly to me, which he said he never does. 

Me: I know this might not be that interesting to you, but do you want to join me tomorrow along with a friend of mine to a fashion show?

Giovanni: Of course!

Me: Really? You’d be interested?

Giovanni: Not that much into fashion, but if you’re going I’ll join, I’d love to see you as much as possible while you’re here.

I blushed after his adorable comment. How sweet of him, right? As long as he means it of course! I’m sure Amr’s reaction will be priceless when he finds out I actually invited Giovanni. I hope he takes it lightly though. Giovanni drove me an hour later back home and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach playing around. I had a feeling he might lean over and kiss me, but then he didn’t, which was great for me. It proved my point of him being a gentleman. He texted me five minutes later saying: “I think I should have kissed you!” I blushed again, like a tomato this time, and for some reason, I couldn’t swipe that teenager smile off of my face.

To try and keep things a bit shorter for you, let me skip to the next day where we attended the fashion show. Picture this, Amr and his ex, Giovanni and I, along with Dina and Tony, who I’m sure had no clue what they were doing here in first place, but pretended to be interested. I could tell Amr was very uncomfortable around his ex and he kept on looking over to see what I was up to. I was willing to ditch Giovanni for him, all he needed to do is show me and this time actually prove to me that we should give it a go. What he did afterwards truly stunned me, but I’ll leave it till next post to tell you more about it, as it’s a story on its own. I have more fun things to report and this time I won’t keep you waiting for long.

Now the question is, if you were me, which guy would you go for? The Egyptian or the Italian? Until next time ladies!

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