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Post #72: Let Loose on Your First Night

Luci ~
4/7/15, 12:00 AM

I always write to you guys when I’m at my house sitting on my bed, with a certain mood switched on, but you know what? That’s certainly not the case now. I’m sitting at the airport, have two hours to kill and even though I feel very uncomfortable writing about this while sitting in a lounge with tons of people around me, yet I felt how important it is to share these details with you. If there are any male readers in the house, I have to give you a heads up, this one is strictly for the ladies.

The purpose I'm telling you this, is most certainly not to name and shame Habiba, but rather to give you another view on how your first time could be like. Did you guess by now what I’ll speaking about? Yes, sex, or more specifically, losing your virginity on the first night with your husband.

It’s a taboo topic that’s for sure, and when girls actually talk about it, they tend to scare the hell out of each other. So here’s what I'll share with you...

The day after Habiba got married, we were all hanging out by the pool, waiting to see if they’ll make an appearance to try and annoy them a bit. I was sure this is something Habiba would totally want to avoid, seeing us to tell us how her first night with Rafik was, while it wasn't something embarrassing for him, seeing that it’s his second marriage.

Me: Should I text her?

Faisal: Why would you?

Me: I wanna see her before she travels.

Dina: And I wanna know how her night went. If you know what I mean hehehehe

Faisal: No clue what you could possibly mean haha

Mona: Guys let’s leave them alone today, if they want to join us, they’ll definitely call one of us. 

Me: I’m texting her.

Mona: Again, why?

Me: I really want to see her before she travels, give her a big kiss and wish her an awesome time there.

Faisal: Here we go again with the overloaded emotions.

Dina: She’s a ticking bomb with her emotions, trust me!

Me: Dina, don’t even get me started, I have proof of you snoring and talking in your sleep.

Dina: When on earth did you get that? I woke up yesterday and couldn't find you anywhere.

Mona: Oh naughty Luci, who were you spending the night with?

Faisal: With me! Hahahaa

Me: Faisal you jerk, it’s not what you guys think. Dina, after I took a shower you were deeply sleeping, Faisal texted me to hang out at the lobby a bit and we talked for a couple of hours, then I came back up and slept.

Dina: Ohhh, she feels the need to justify things and explain it. Do you feel guilty?

Me: Whatever, I tried to be polite but it never works out with you, does it?

Mona: Look who’s hereeeee, Habibaaaa!

She finally made it! Greeting each and every one of us with a huge hug and an even bigger kiss.

Habiba: You guys made my wedding day, you have no idea how happy I am. Seriously!

Dina: How was last night? (asking her while winking)

Faisal: You couldn't even wait until I was gone to ask her!

Dina: No! Now go see your friend Rafik and leave us with Habiba for a while.

We were all very curious to hear what she had to say. I assumed Mona and I were actually interested to know more about what went on in such a night, but Dina was more into Habiba’s performance to make sure she’s heading into the right track with her sex life.

Habiba: Guys, you have no idea how amazing last night with Rafik was!

Mona: What? This can’t be true, everyone knows your first time is more of experimentation and it usually has more wrongs than rights.

Dina: And why’s that? That’s just what everyone has been saying lately, but I never thought it was true.

Mona: Speaking from experience?

Dina: None of your business, but I bet you already know the answer to that.

Me: Guys, enough with this non-sense, let Habiba continue, I’m interested to hear more from her.

Habiba: I was very scared for two reasons. I really wasn't planning to have sex and lose my virginity last night, because I’ve always heard how much the first time hurts, and I was hoping he’d be too tired to do anything. The second thing I was worried about, was that Rafik knows his way around women and let’s face it, he has experience and I have none whatsoever. Everything I knew was theoretical.

Dina: Yeah, that we already know hehehe

Habiba: I don’t know, should I sharing with you guys more details? It feels weird, but you are like my sisters and honestly I’d like to tell you out of excitement. I slept yesterday with the biggest smile on my face and you know why? All the fictions we’ve been hearing, they’re totally wrong. If I had gone in there with everything I’ve once heard about sex running through my mind, it would have been a total wreck, but luckily, I was in a relaxed mood and couldn't remember anything.

Me: Well, that’s good to hear babe.

Dina: Foreplay?

Habiba: Of course! He could sense I wasn't at ease about us being together for the first time and that’s exactly why he wasn't rushing anything. He made that pretty clear the moment we walked into our hotel room. He even told me he was okay with us not doing anything, but one thing led to the other and we started kissing like crazy, plus some other foreplay. So yes, it definitely helps.

Mona: See, that mindset is great, because other couples just go for it as if the first time is a mission that has to be done, not because they want to or they’re actually into it, but rather to get it out of the way.

Habiba: Yeah, that’s what I heard too, and that’s exactly why I’m sharing all this with you. I want you to know that you can have a great time, if there’s good communication and a proper understanding of the first time. I’m not speaking about myself, but thankfully Rafik did. Can I say something stupid?

Dina: Shoot!

Habiba: I’ve never felt that sexy in my life and you girls know that’s such a big thing for me. Luci thank you for the sexy lingerie.

Me: Anytime. I’m glad Rafik likes my taste hehehe

Habiba: Shut up!

Mona: Did it hurt?

Habiba: Yes, but only for a little bit. Just a tiny bit, then things became pleasurable. It depends on the guy, he has to ease you into it. It’s not at all a big deal like many others have made us feel. You know what’s also not true? You don’t have to bleed or at least I didn't. Here’s the thing with sexual education, it does not exist whatsoever and you really have no clue what to expect. I think that sucks! Even though it did hurt a bit, but there’s so much more to the first night than the negativity or the way people portray it like a mission. It’s intimacy and passion and that’s priceless!

Dina: Yet you managed to do a great job, so it doesn't seem like it’s such a hard task haha

Habiba: Not everyone has that “I’m sexy and I know it” mentality you have and it was scary for me to expose myself in-front of a guy or currently my husband. At some point I just thought I’ll let loose, go with the flow and live the moment, after all it’s about feelings and communication, and Rafik and I can’t go wrong with that.

Now back to where I currently am. Just like Habiba felt the urge to share it with us, because she wanted to change that mindset a lot of women have about the first night with their husband, I have the same obligation. Seems like it’s not scary like they tell us, but it could also leave you with a smile on your face…

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