Hi guys, let's jump in to how the rest of my session went. The counselor had asked me who I blame for me not being so proud of the person I've become.

Counselor: So, why do you blame your husband?

Me: Because I know the person I was before I married him, and things changed when he came into the picture…I used to be fun and easy going, I hate arguing, I've always been the peace maker with my friends.

Counselor: Luci, I need to say something, which I'm sure you heard before, but let me say it anyways. In our world, the world of therapy, and for therapy to actually work, one needs to take responsibility for their own actions.

Me: Yeah I know that.

Counselor: Do you? Because you seem to be placing the entire blame on your husband, and no one else.

Me: Because he did this to me.

Counselor: There it is again with the blame Luci. You say you were always the peace maker with your friends. Tell me more about that.

Me: I was just never one to get in between fights with my friends, and when they would bicker, I'd usually be the person to help them make up.

Counselor: Do you think you would avoid fights with your friends.

Me: Mmmm no I just don't fight with them.

Counselor: None of your friends never did anything to bother you?

Me: I'm sure they did, but I just blow it off and not make a big fuss, as I said I don't like to fight or argue.

Counselor: That's just another fancy sentence for avoiding confrontation Luci.

Me: Nope I don't think so, I'm just an easy going person.

Counselor: Okay Luci, I'm going to need two things from you before our next session. 1. I need you to bring your husband and two of your friends with you to our next session. 2. I need you to not discuss what happened in this session with any of them.

Me: Why? Therapy is something I want to do alone.

Counselor: There is no such thing, for therapy to be successful you need raw mirrors in your life in the form of people and I need to make sure that they exist in your life for your counselling to be a successful journey. Actually I need a third thing Luci, after this session I need you to write a summary of how this session went from your perspective.

Stay tuned for next week, Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time), to know what happens next.

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