Hey guys, so things were going great since Faisal came home. After my talk with the counselor, I asked Faisal his thoughts on whether or not I should continue and surprisingly he actually pushed me to go.

He thinks our relationship is growing stronger and that the few sessions have really helped me a lot, which is reflecting greatly on us, and you know what I agreed.

I went back to having two sessions a week with my counselor, and it's been going really well too. I don't know how, but I feel lighter somehow, like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.

Anyway, Faisal and I decided it was time to tell our parents and friends about the pregnancy. I think on some level I was too afraid to share the news, because you always hear of women who miscarry in the early stages of their pregnancy. But, I went to the doctor for a checkup, been taking my vitamins and feeling okay, so it seems time to share the news. And Faisal's parents had invited my parents over for a barbecue lunch in their garden the next day, so the timing was perfect.

It's been a while since we all met due to the COVID curfews and then our issues, so it was lunch I was really looking forward to.

That night things took quite a turn though, I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom, only to find myself spotting. I freaked out and woke Faisal up!

Me: Babe, I think I'm bleeding!

Faisal: What? How? Where?

Me: I don't know, I went to the bathroom to pee and just saw drops of blood.

Faisal: Jump into your trainers let's go the hospital!

Me: I don't think going to hospitals with all the COVID-19 stuff going on is a smart idea.

Faisal: Hmmm, can you call your doctor?

Me: Yeah, I'll call him.

It took about 4 missed calls and a bunch of whatsapps for my doctor to reply back to me, but he finally did. I explained what was happening and he told me that it was smart I didn't go to the hospital.

Doc: Have you been under stress more than usual Luci?

He was on speaker, so Faisal was listening to the conversation...Faisal and I exchanged what can only be referred to as a really awkward look.

Me: Yea, things have been a bit more stressful than usual lately.

Doctor: Okay, your priority is to get that under control. Your body is already going through a lot of changes, adding to that will only make things worse. Second of all, I want you to stay in bed for a few days. No need to go anywhere, or do anything, bed, fluids and relaxation.

Me: Oh, I was supposed to travel tomorrow and go to the North Coast. Can I still do that?

Doc: I really don't recommend that Luci, the car ride with all the bumps can turn the spotting to a full on miscarriage.

Me: I guess I can postpone my plans, will it be okay to travel next weekend?

Doc: Let's just get through these two days first Luci, then we'll see about the next weekend. In the meantime please just stay put.

Me: Can I ask one more question?

Doc: Of course.

Me: Do women usually miscarry when they start spotting like this?

Doc: Sometimes...but a lot of women don't and go on to have a full pregnancy term. Don't stress out about something that may or may not happen to you. That won't help with stress. Bed rest, relax and check in with me in two days.

Me: Okay, thank you doctor.

Faisal: Don't worry we can travel for the weekend any time, for now let's have a relaxing weekend here.

Me: I don't want to tell our parents just yet. I want to wait okay?

Faisal: Luci, don't you think you'll need your mum to lean on and be there for you the next few days.

Me: No, I don't want to tell her and get her hopes up, only to maybe disappoint her in a few days.

Faisal: Luci, if something does happen we'll have to tell her though.

Me: No! She never needs to know! Let's just get through the next few days and see.

Tune in to find out updates on my pregnancy. You don't want to miss it! Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time).

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