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Delicious Tomato Sauce for Your Pasta

Nada Allam
7/3/13, 12:00 AM

There are days when you are too lazy to cook and don't feel like ordering some junk; pasta is the perfect solution! Pasta is fun, it's not slaving all day in a kitchen in the heat, so it's not in the cooking category. There is nothing better than having a nice plate of pasta at the end of a day with homemade tomato sauce, don't you agree?

What you will need:

-  5 tomatoes

-  3 table spoons of tomato paste

- 1/4 cup of olive oil

- 1 garlic clove

- 1 tea spoon of salt 

- 1 teaspoon of sugar

- 3 stock cubes

- 3 to 4 shreds of basil 

- 1 tea spoon of orgeno


1. First off boil the tomatoes in a pot filled with water. Once done, make sure to peel them off and mix them in a blender.

2. Leave your blended tomato aside for now, and you will work with the garlic and olive oil. Cut the garlic into very small pieces and fry them in a pan with 1/4 cup of olive oil. Fry until garlic turns yellowish.

3. Now it's time to add the tomatoes you just mixed in the first step. Also, make sure to add 3 table spoons of tomato paste, to give it a stronger flavor and color. Mix together until they blend.

4. Add 1 tea spoon of salt and another tea spoon of sugar to the sauce and continue mixing.

5. Add oregano to your sauce and mix thoroughly. Lower the flame underneath the pan, add a metal separator and cover the pan in order to give the sauce time to cook slowly.

6. There's no need to add any water here, as it comes from the tomatoes themselves.

7. Keep a close eye on the pan and your sign to take the next step is when the oil surfaces. 

8. Now it's time for the basil. I love basil and so I add 3 to 4 shreds of basil to the sauce, cover the sauce one more time and leave it for a minute. That way the basil is absorbed well and you will taste it immediately.


Nada Allam

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