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11 Ways to Drink Coffee Like the French

Farida Abdel Malek
7/12/20, 12:00 AM

A lot of people are looking up how to make French coffee, when the truth is coffee the French way is an experience, not just your morning dose of caffeine. So, today we're going to be discussing and vicariously living through how to drink coffee like the French, along with a Cafe au Lait recipe.  

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1. Allegedly the French can drink and love to drink coffee anytime a day. Of course it is not good for you to have a high caffeine intake daily, so you can go for decaf instead and at night. Supposedly for them it's more about the enjoyment and less about caffeine. Also some say the French love having coffee after dinner.  

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2. The famous French roast is roasted longer, it's more dark and oily with a more bitter, burnt favour and less caffeine. 

3. With the French Press, there is a lot of debate online on wether the French use a French Press or not to make their coffee. However, we thought we'd still give you a brief on how to use a French press properly and brew your French roast coffee to perfection.

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How to make the best French Press coffee:

4. Then of course there's the French cafe coffee cups that just make the drinking experience 10 times better and 10 times more Parisian. 

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5. Cafe au Lait. This is basically coffee with milk with equal parts strong French roast coffee and milk.

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How to make French coffee:

Recipe Credits: The Spruce Eats


- 1 part brewed French roast strong coffee

- 1 part milk (steamed)


- To steam the milk, add the amount you want in a jar with a lid and shake to incorporate air.

- Remove the lid and place the glass jar in a microwave for around 30 seconds. Don't let it get too hot so the air doesn't deflate. 

- Pour in your mug equal parts of the coffee and milk. (leave out the foam)

- Stir well together.

- You can then top it with foam if you like, but traditionally foam isn't typically added to Cafe au Lait.

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6. The French way to drink your coffee is not just about the coffee itself, but about where you drink and enjoy it. If you're not in a cafe on a side walk, people watching, make sure you have your spot, even at home. You can enjoy it in your balcony, a corner or nook next to plant. Put some music on and be present with every sip. 

7. Grab a croissant. French pastry is heaven, especially when paired with the perfect cup of coffee.

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8. Dunk a baguette. Apparently there's a French trick where they dunk last night's baguette remnants in their coffee.  

9. You can also just enjoy it with a side of baguette spread with butter and jam.

10 Don't add any flavors to the coffee. Enjoy as it is with no toppings, flavors or whipped cream.

11. People watching is, of course, among the things French cafes are known for. But if you're not planning on doing that from your terrace or balcony, grab a book or newspaper (if they still exist in your life) and have a quiet morning all to your self. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lenafarl


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