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| by Nancy Hennes

The Main Reason Why You Have Back Acne, and How to Treat It!

A lot of women suffer from back acne, and it doesn't go away whether it's winter or summer, furthermore, it even leaves frustrating scars. I used to suffer from back acne, until I discovered what I was doing wrong, and what was causing me the back acne. As soon as I stopped this bad habit, my back got much better and acne almost disappeared.

So how did I get rid of back acne? I simply started washing my body very well, at the end of every shower.

Washing your body very well at the end of your shower gets rid of any chemical residues. The chemicals that are present in the products we use to wash our hair and body, like shampoos and conditioners, are very harmful to our fragile skin. So, think of the steps you do when you get into the shower, do you wash your body first and then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and then get out of the shower? The best way is to wash your hair first, and then your body, to give your body enough time under the running water to make sure the chemicals are gone.

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Be comfortable in your own skin! We'll tell you how to maintain your beauty through our Skincare section here.

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