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| by Nada Allam

How to Prevent Your Accessories from Tarnish

My jewelry is probably one of the most important things to me. I admit, I love them more than my clothes and maybe even my shoes, because without statement accessories my clothes and shoes would be boring. So you can imagine the lengths I go to, to polish my jewelry and prevent them from tarnish, scratches, or even breakage. Here are a few tips you should take into consideration when storing your jewelry to prevent your accessories from tarnish

1. First and probably the most important tip is how you store your jewelry. While it may look nice to hang your jewelry around your room, exposing your accessory to air will increase chances of tarnish. Try your best to store your jewelry in closed boxes.

2. For extra care, store some of your special pieces of jewelry in closed plastic bags. This usually applies to anything metal, it will prevent your accessories from any tarnish, and maintain their shine.

3. Always wear your jewelry after you have applied lotion or perfume. It is the chemical in products like hair spray and perfume that can change the color of your jewelry and dull their shine. 

4. If you do find that your jewelry is tarnished, you can clean it. Use a polishing cloth to remove tarnish from your jewelry. However remember to wash your accessory afterwards with warm water to remove any sulfur residue. 

5. Clean your jewelry on a regular basis, that way you will remove any substance from it that could have caused any discoloring. Use baby shampoo and a tooth brush, and be sure to dry it very well with paper towels.

6. When storing your jewelry, try not to store them in a way where they will constantly be rubbing against one another. Opt for a jewelry box with separators or you can use the plastic bag idea I mentioned in tip #2. 

7. Sometimes non-real gold and silver jewelry change color after just a few uses. In that case, use clear nail polish to prevent it from tarnishing. Apply one coat of clear nail polish to the inside of the rings, or back of the earrings and you will see no sign of the green color on your skin.

8. Of course always make sure to take off your jewelry when washing dishes, going for a swim or even heading out for a workout. 

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