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| by Nada Allam

How to Stack Up Your Rings

Stacking things up seems to be a recurring trend these days when it comes to accessories. Whoever invented the phrase, 'less is more' did not have a love for accessories. I for one love stacking up my bracelets, after all every girl needs a little bit of a sparkle when she leaves the house right? Lately I have been really loving the staking up of the rings. At first I was quite skeptical, I mean it really is a lot of bling, but the trick is to do it right and you're good to go. 

When stacking up rings:

1. Break the rules! Feel free to mix the metallics, and remember in this case, more is better. Don't go for one golden ring, and one silver, that will look odd.

2. Introduce the colors. You can clash your metallics with some colorful rings, or a bit of a glitz. You don't want your fingers to look like an overly decorated trophy. You want to seem creative and daring with your fashionable accessories.

3. Small vs big. Chunky rings always make a statement, but have you tried adding some knuckle rings with your chunky rings. Now that is edgy.

4. Diverse shapes. You have a love for the infinity sign don't you? Well then try it with a peace or heart sign. Maybe even a star or some calligraphy

5. Remember the occasion. Now you don't want to stack up a bunch of rings and find that you can't even hold a pen to sign a paper in a meeting. Go for some thin rings for a formal event, and chunky for a party-like event. 

6. Integrate the stones. You probably have stone-like rings from three years ago, pair them up with some thin metallic rings and you have yourself a statement. 

7. Horizontal also works. Stacking up your rings doesn't have to be vertically, you can stack up your rings, next to one another.

I raided Pinterest for some inspiration, so here are a few ideas on how to stack up your rings. 

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