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| by The Fustany Team

Fustany's Playlist: 15 Relaxing Songs to Soothe and Calm Anxiety

Music accompanies us everywhere and songs are a universal language of happiness, love, success, travel, separation, sadness and grief. Our favorite songs follow us wherever we go, on our way to work, at home, when we're traveling and even at the gas station. That's why we wanted to launch our latest series, Fustany's Playlist...

Today we're sharing with you a relaxing playlist we made that is filled with songs that are very soothing, calming and really beautiful. In times like these we all are experiencing some anxiety and difficulty sleeping, so we could use some relaxing songs and calming music to hear in the background or fall asleep to. This playlist has some pop songs, some new releases and some stunning musical compositions.

Check out these 15 relaxing songs we chose for you...

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When it comes to music for me, one the things that tends to relax me the most is the voice. Billie Marten was such an important musical discovery for me. Her voice instantly warms my heart and relaxes my body. She has one of those unique soft voices and with her beautiful songs, they perfectly compliment each other. This is one of my all time favorite songs.


We added 2 Billie Eilish's songs on this playlist because besides her iconic soothing voice, she has some really stunning songs that are beautiful mellow and very relaxing. Ocean Eyes was her debut song and I think it's one of her best up until now. Her voice in the chorus will serenade you.


If you love emotional piano compositions and contemporary classical music, this song might just change your life. It is a piece you will never forget. Divenire is sad, hopeful, romantic and calming all at the same time. You will feel so many emotions listening to it, but most importantly, it will definitely calm you down.


Daddy is on Coldplay's latest album Everyday Life. It has a beautiful soft melody that is sad but very soothing. The song is very lullaby-like, so it's something that will please your senses and release tension from your body before bed. I should warn you though, the lyrics are heartbreaking and Chris Martin's voice doesn't make it easier to hold back the tears.


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