My hair is naturally dry and curly. Despite having a very oily scalp, my whole life I’ve had very dry hair. This has always been a problem because it makes the curls lose their definition and the hair becomes very frizzy. I’ve tried many things and since I like to come up with new stuff all the time I made a homemade hair mask that works great for my hair, it makes it very soft and shiny for days and I would love to share it with you.

What you need:

- Yogurt

- Honey

- Aloe Vera

- Silicone and sulfate free conditioner (mine is Enliven)

- Castor oil

- Watercress oil

- Sweet almond oil


1. Mix all these Ingredients together with the amounts that you prefer and apply the mask to your hair.

2. Leave it as much as you can but not less than one hour.

3. For extra results, wear a shower cap and direct the hot blow dryer towards your hair.

4. Rinse your hair well with low shampoo and then condition.

5. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @Kaushal