We’re not going to ask you how much you weigh because all women hate this question and probably hate the answer too! We’ll just point out that every woman is subject to many physical changes due to the usual cycle of life. Your body goes through a lot of changes for many reasons. Marriage, pregnancy, breastfeeding, depression, eating disorders, and other things can lead to these changes. However, you should put your health first and try to get in shape, and not because heavier women are less attractive! On the contrary, all bodies and all sizes are beautiful and attractive in their own way. Nonetheless, staying healthy and fit makes you less vulnerable to plenty of health problems.

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Therefore, we gathered some of the best fitness influencers who can help you get back in shape with their expertise and awesome tips that they constantly share on their social media accounts.

Coach Sama

A certified personal trainer who is passionate about fitness and sports, Sama is one of the best influencers you can follow. Her useful tips to all her followers and great advice can help you regain your confidence and fitness. She constantly shares beneficial information with her followers to help them exercise, follow healthy diets, and lose weight properly.

Deana Shaaban

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You probably know Deana Shaaban as a fashion designer as she started her career as one; a skilled one, one might add. However, later in her life, she decided to join the fitness industry on the side of being a fashion designer. Deana Shaaban now owns her own gym and shares her fitness tips with her followers. She also hosts online fitness classes and shares brilliant exercises with her followers.

Dr. Shorouk Saeed

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or regain your fitness for a while, you’ve probably come across Dr. Shorouk’s Facebook group. As a certified personal trainer, Dr. Shorouk helps women follow strict diets and practice great exercises to help them in their fitness journey. Moreover, she regularly shares helpful, easy tips on her Instagram page for beginners and experts to help them in their workouts.

Yara Zoheiry

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If you’re looking for someone who can help you build your muscles and regain your strength, Yara Zoheiry is the one. In her bio, she mentions that she’s anti-diet, so don’t expect dietary advice. She’s more focused on hard-core exercises and high-intensity workout that helps build muscles and regain overall fitness. She’s super energetic and fun to follow because of her inspiring reels and the fun bits of her personal life that she shares with her followers.

Samira Khalil

She’s all about toning bodies and making souls smile. As a fitness trainer, she helps women embrace fitness to transform their lives for the better. On top of that, she shares awesome tips for everyone on how to lose weight, especially for moms since she’s a new one herself.

Rowana Badry

Rowana is a fitness professional coach, specializing in fitness nutrition. She shares her workout routine with her followers and shows them how to execute them properly. Moreover, if you’re into high-intensity exercise, she’ll be your muse.

Rawda Mohamed

Rawda is a different type of fitness coach since she’s a yoga teacher who encourages wellness and positivity. She constantly shares daily yoga content to inspire her followers and help them follow her exercise routine. Furthermore, if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, Rawda can help you relieve stress and tension through her yoga exercises. Anyone can benefit from her content, whether they’re beginners or experts.

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey no matter how old you are or how much you weigh. Whenever you decide to get back in shape, it is nice to have an expert to help you do the correct exercises and follow the proper diet. However, that doesn’t replace a face-to-face fitness instructor or nutritionist because they would know exactly what your body needs. We mentioned the above fitness influencers to help motivate you and share some of their helpful tips that can make your weight-losing journey easier and more enjoyable.