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No Gym? 5 Equipments to Take Your Home Workout to the Next Level

Mai Atef
4/8/21, 12:00 AM

A lot of us have stopped going to the gym because of the pandemic and are trying working out at home. If this is what you're currently doing or planning to do then there are ways to transform your home workouts and take them to the next level. There are some exercise equipments that will help you up your workout game and this is what we're going to be talking about today...

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Note: With any new exercise or gear, you should always start slowly and gradually so you don't harm yourself. Also make sure to look for guidance from a professional to make sure your posture and technique is right so you don't get injured. 

Home exercise equipment to try:

Jump rope

An exercise jump rope is a great tool to have at home, and you can use it at the start of your warm-up exercise. It targets the muscles in the legs, arms, shoulders and the back. With the regular jumps the heart rates increases, if the jumps are done correctly and continuously for a full minute. If you have already tried jump ropes, you can try doing it a little differently, by doing it backwards. You can do it with 5-15 minute intervals, depending on how advanced you are and don't forget to rest before starting other exercises. 

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You can find jump ropes at any workout gear stores or buy it online, like here.


If you want to increase the strength of your exercises at home, but you're not into dumbbells, you can try kettlebells. One of its best thing about them is that they help target all the muscles in the body, depending on how it's carried or used, especially with squats.

You can find them online here

Resistance bands

Have you ever heard of resistance training? They're exercises that help you burn fat and sculpt the body. And you can do these exercises using tools like resistance bands, that are either placed on the legs or arms. There are also different degrees of resistance bands. For example, often the yellow ones are the easiest ones, followed by green, then red, blue, black, and finally purple, being the hardest. You can also do resistance exercises with the brands to target the core, chest, back, arms, shoulders, thighs and hips.

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Core Sliders

If you are doing a difficult exercises that relies on moving the feet or hands on the ground, then you might need this tool. Of course, you know that moving your feet while doing push-ups is really hard. Core sliders help with that. Take a look... 

You can find core sliders here.

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Foam roller

If you do regular exercises at home and need exercise gear to help you warm up the body before you start, then you can try foam rollers. They work on warming up the body before exercising or relaxing tired muscles after a long and tiring workout. All you have to do is place the roller under the place you wish to warm up and follow the below...

You can shop for it here

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