When life knocks you down, do a burpee! Yes, that should be your new motto. The burpees workout can be one of the most exhausting exercises, yet it's one of the most beneficial ones! No matter how you feel about it you can't help but love  the burpees workout, as it's literally a whole body workout. Kick ass with the fat burning workout. Here are the steps: 

Steps :

1. Start off this workout by standing still and straight, with your back in the right posture. 

2. Bend down in the squat position, but with your hands on the floor and right in front of you.

3. Kick your feet back while leaving the weight of your body on your hands like you're about to do a plank. 

4. When you are in the perfect plank position, do a quick push up.

5. Leap up by pushing the ground with the tip of your toes so you can stand up straight. 

6. Go back to your first position, with your back straight and still. 

7. Jump and push your whole body with the tip of your toes while lifting your hands upwards. 

The burpees workout is a technique, you should do it right and master it so you can get the maximum impact. It needs to be fast and strong. The key to this workout is to lift your hands upwards accurately and jump, so you stretch your body after a deep push up.