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| by Heba Abohemed

Six Mistakes You Probably Do When You Apply Blush

Applying blush is one of the most important steps of your makeup routine, because applying blush the right way will give you just the perfect glow.

Although blush application is an important makeup step, many women don’t know how to do it the right way, and are probably making the following (very common!) six mistakes when applying their blusher.

Mistake When Applying Blusher #1

You tend to vigorously rub your blush brush against the blush in a circular motion; this way is wrong because you don’t need this much of a blush, and will also finish off your favorite blush shade too soon. All you need to do is to tap with the brush several times on the blush, and there you go, you’re ready to use it.

Mistake When Applying Blusher #2

It’s the cheeks that always tend to naturally blush, and for that you need to only apply the blush on this specific area. Avoid the point of your nose, and your forehead when you put on your blush.

Mistake When Applying Blusher #3

Did you know that you can contour your face by only using blush? It's just about practice and patience to know your face lines, and know how to apply the blush in the right way for your face shape.

Mistake When Applying Blusher #4

Another blush application mistake is that you put it in a circular motion on your cheeks; the right way is to create a straight line from up to down or horizontally, according to your face shape.

Mistake When Applying Blusher #5

You’re also probably applying the blush from your ears to your mouth; the right way is to leave about two fingers away from your ears and your mouth.

Always make sure to blend the blush well with a makeup sponge blender, to create a smooth and natural look.

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