6 Nail and Hair Hacks From TikTok to Help You Explore the World of Beauty

Salma Ihab
9/2/21, 12:00 AM

TikTok has grown in popularity in the last year, and we can't get enough of it! TikTok, it's more of a wonderland filled with videos that explore the world of beauty. When I hang out with my friends, we talk about all the TikTok hacks that are literally life-saving. And thanks to beauty enthusiasts and experts who share their hacks, skills, tips, and tricks, we have a much easier life. There are a lot of gems in this app, but I chose the best ones. To all Tiktok fans and those who aren't fans of TikTok, I'm sure you'll be after reading this article. 6 nail and hair hacks from TikTok to help you explore the world of beauty. 

Make your nails happy with these nail hacks.

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1. Removing acrylics at home

We love getting acrylics because they are so practical; they don't crack or peel, but removing them isn't so much fun. You have to go to the salon to have them removed, but thanks to TikTok beauty gurus, we have an easy hack to try at home that will save you a trip to the salon.

To begin, combine a bowl of warm water, soap, and argan oil. Then soak your fingers in warm water until the nails simply slide off. This is a game changer.

2. The French manicure hack that we all need

We sometimes like to go back to the classic design and do our nails with a French manicure, and this summer the trend was to get them in different colors instead of white, it was such a colorful vibe for the summer, but Fall is here and you can make fall-friendly colors. This TikTok trick is unique and does not require you to spend a lot of money.

You'll need a silicone nail stamper or a silicone makeup sponge. Apply a generous amount of nail polish to the sponge and dip your nail into it, going shallow for smaller tips and deeper for more moon-shaped tips. And voila!

3. For those who want artistic nails 

This hack is a next level nail hack, doing artistic designs can be a little bit hard but here is an easy way to get a swirly swirl design and it's very simple to do.

Have two nail polish colors and a toothpick on hand. Paint each half of your nail a different color. Then, using the toothpick, create the swirling shapes of your choice, funky swirls for sure!

Hair hacks for healthy, good looking hair

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1. An easy way to curl your hair

This hack is for ladies who want wide curls. It's a simple hack that you might question, but it works. Some people use a sock, while others use a thin fabric piece; experiment to see which suits your hair and is more comfortable for you to sleep in. 

What you're going to do to get those curls is twist your hair around the fabric cloth, go to bed, wake up, remove the cloth, and enjoy your fun curls for the rest of the day.

2. Ladies with short hair, we've got you covered with this a messy bun hack

Some short-haired ladies make a messy bun look so good on them, and you're always wondering how they do it. TikTok gurus have solved this mystery. Say goodbye to flyaway hairs.

Clear elastics, hairspray, bobby pins, and a scrunchie are required for this simple hack to work.

3. Curly girls, here's a hack you'll love

As a curly-haired girl, I understand the struggle we face when it comes to making our hair look longer; we are a magnet for shrinkage when it comes to our hair.

This hack will undoubtedly change your life! And all you need is a slinky hairband, and you'll have long-looking hair in less than ten seconds. Try it, and you won't be sorry.

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