From time to time, it is nice to switch up your glossy nail polish color and turn into matte, don’t you think? There is something about matte nail polish, that gives off such an edgy look to your nails. The thing about matte nail polish, is that it's that easy to find in the shops, and so we thought, why not make it yourself. Yes, you can make your very own matte nail polish in three different ways. Here is how to make your very own matte nail polish.

1. Matte Top Coat

The chances of you finding a matte nail polish top coat, are a lot higher than finding colored matte nail polish. So stock up on some matte nail polish top coats, and apply it after getting your nails done. It will instantly transform your glossy nail polish into matte nail polish.

2. DIY Matte Nail Polish

Making your very own matte nail polish is a lot easier than you may think, all you will need is some cornflour. 

- Start by adding equal parts of nail polish and cornflour into a small container and mix them very well.

- The amount you added to the container should be enough to apply two coats to all your nails.

- Don’t forget to clean your nail polish brush before putting it back into your nail polish bottle, you can do that by using nail polish remover.

3. Make Your Own Matte Top Coat

If you can’t find a matte top coat, or don’t want to play around with your nail polish colors, you can make your own matte top coat. For this step, all you will need is some eyeshadow.

- Make sure you use an eyeshadow that you don’t really need, as you are going to crack it. 

- Using the opposite end of a makeup brush, hit the eyeshadow to crack it up till it becomes powder.

- Pour the powder into the clear top coat bottle and shake it really well. 

With these three ways, you are guaranteed to make your nail polish matte and rock that edgy look.

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