A lot of people always think of skin care as managing to keep a healthy skin for the face and body only. We rarely pay attention to apply anything on the neck although it is the main part that can embrace a youthful appearance if taken care of! It's always said that a tight skin neck is a sign of beauty, and that's totally true! When your grandma told you that ancient Egyptian women were always described as authentic beauties because of their long, smooth necks, she wasn't lying to you!

What a lot of us also might not know is that dermatologists say that the neck is the first body part that shows aging signs (wrinkles). The neck's sensitive skin increases its tendency of discoloration, that's why neck skincare is just as important as facial and body skincare.

Apart from the fact that creams and lotions have lots of chemicals in them, they are costly which makes it so hard to mainly depend on them when it comes to skin care routines. That's why a lot of DIY natural homemade masks have been discovered, successfully tested and advised by beauty specialists. These masks actually have great effects on the skin. If you make it an essential part of your skincare routine, you'll notice the difference even if you're still young and are not worrying about wrinkles yet. The masks will leave your neck glowing and clear, as if it is finally allowed to breathe! I tried them myself, and they were just like magicSo, I thought I can't benefit alone from this, and should share the masks recipes with you!

1. Potato mask for neck whitening


- 2 medium-sized potatoes

- 4 Tbsp warm milk or water


- Boil the potatoes then peal and mash.

- Add the milk/water then mix.

- Apply the mixture on your neck.

- Leave for 30 mins then rinse.

- hydrate your neck with any lotion you have.

2. Yogurt mask for a glowing skin:


- 2 Tbsp yogurt

- 1 lemon

- 1/2 Tbsp honey

- 2 capsules vitamin E


- Mix the honey and vitamin E.

- Add the rest of ingredients and mix everything well.

- Apply to your neck and leave for 20-25 mins.

- Rinse with cold water.

- Hydrate using any lotion you have.

3. Honey hydrating and tightening mask:


- 1 Tbsp honey

- 1 egg yolk

- 1 Tbsp olive oil


- Mix all ingredients in a large bowl till you reach a thick consistency.

- Apply the mask on your neck for 10 minutes then rinse.

Main image credits: sifascorner.com